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J. Cole F/ Missy Elliott – “Nobody’s Perfect” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By PrefixMag.Com)

When J. Cole‘s single “Nobody’s Perfect” hit the net, it sent the music world into a frenzy. Not only was it another smash from the North Carolina emcee but it marked the return of beloved veteran artist/producer Missy Elliott. The track was produced by Cole himself and samples “Think” by Curtis Mayfield. Earlier this week, Cole took the single to another level by debuting the video for the popular track. The video is receiving some pretty high praise too. Give it a glance below.


This project was directed by Colin Tilley. There is no set plot for the video. It just features Cole and Missy in a variety of peculiar situations. For example, they are both shown sitting alone in adjacent hotel rooms. In another scene, Missy is acting as a counselor of sorts for Cole and his boo. In yet a different scene, Cole is shown doing a confession. And things continue on that way in a pretty random fashion. In between the unique scenes, are a wide range of black and white images. The images include: Cole & Missy, select lyrics spelled out in keyboard style letters, a boat, and more. The video ends with a shot of a small television which contains a black and white image of Cole. The tv goes out and then the video fades too. That is pretty much the project in a nutshell. This was an interesting and entertaining watch.

**My Two Cents: I heart J. Cole and LOVE this song. With that said, this video was just alright to me. I respect Cole and crew for trying something different. However, it seems like the video is missing that wow factor. It has some bright moments but nothing that would really stick with the viewer on a long term basis. Once again, I think Cole played it a bit safe. But the video served it’s purpose and gave the single some life. So kudos to J. Cole and a big welcome back to Missy Elliott. I heard she may be dropping a new album this Summer. Stay tuned for future details. -MinM

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