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$hamrock aka Yung Irish – $t. Patty’s Gang (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By DirtyGloveBastard.Net)

$t. Patty’s Gang

This St. Patrick’s Day seemed to include quite a few Hip-Hop events. One of those events was a new release from everybody’s favorite Irish emcee $hamrock aka Yung Irish. The release was a holiday themed mixtape called $t. Patty’s Gang. Clever title and the green in the cover art is hot. The tape was mixed by DJ Ritz and featured on the Dirty Glove Bastard website. It contains twelve tracks total and features a wide variety of rappers like: Lil Wyte, Partee, Chingo Bling, etc. There is a nice selection of producers too, including: Lex Luger, Marco Dane, Ribah On The Beat, and more. Find details on a few of the tracks on the project, after the jump.

“Al Green” F/ Partee & Eddie Kane Jr.

This is one of the tracks produced by Marco Dane. The production is fire. It features a low bass line, a very smooth vibe, and a sample of Al Green‘s song “Simply Beautiful.” The hook is on point too. It includes vocals from the previously mentioned sample. The way the vocals were blended with the beat is fresh. The verses are excellent. All three fellas came with clean relaxed flows and honest quality lyrics. They told captivating tales of complicated situations with their significant others. Peep $hamrock as he spits: “And you already know I f–k with you like no one else. You had my back at many times when there was no one left. I’m being honest with you because you have my respect. And when I do my thang, ain’t trying to have you at my neck. I’m not the type to get involved in long relationships. Taking trips and buying gifts, I’m sorry I’m not on that tip. If you want romance, then you should stick who you already with. Otherwise you can ride my ship and kick it with a pimp, Yung Irish.” Slick lines and they reflect the theme of the song perfectly. Overall, this track is a banger and the favorite off the tape.

“Playa Drankin” F/ Thug Therapy

This cut was produced by Ribah On The Beat. The production here is good. It’s heavy hitting with a hard knock and an intense street vibe. The hook is solid. It samples “F–ked Up” by Lil Wyte. The delivery is lively and slightly aggressive. The lyrics are catchy. The verses are dope. All of the rappers bought energetic flows and entertaining rhymes. They did a compelling job of making a night out with them seem like an experience that one won’t soon forget. Some standout lines from Yung Irish include: “Yung irish taking shots. I throw ’em back cause I’m making guap. See me and my team, we celebrating. Them guys over there stay hella hating. Like Lil Wyte said on One and Only, I’m getting f–ked up, somebody hold me. Somebody told me to kill my drink. And now I’m drunk and can’t feel or think.” Clever rhyming and it sounds like a fun time. In the end, this track is a winner and definitely one to bump on a night out.


This is another Marco Dane produced cut. The production here is top notch. It contains a deep bass, a low tone, and a dark ominous vibe. The hook is decent. It features a sample of  Three 6 Mafia‘s song “M.E.M.P.H.I.S.” in a chopped and screwed type of style. There is only one verse present but $ham kills it. His flow was polished, he had sharp wordplay, and he delivered premium no non-sense rhymes. He did a convincing job of conveying a “don’t f–k with me’ kind of message. Noteworthy lines include: “They don’t know but they f–king with a soldier boy. Strapped with the fully automatic soldier toy. Not to mention that I’m top rank in the militia. And you ain’t gotta see about it. Pimp, we coming to get ya.”  Some sly lines right there and an interesting contrast to $ham’s usual nice guy persona. All in all, this track is a hit and a welcomed glimpse at the other side of $ham.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a choice mixtape. It reflects $ham at his best and at his most versatile. The way he constantly switches up his flow is extremely impressive and his lyrical abilities get sharper with every project. Beyond excited to see what the Florida homie has in store for the future. Go ahead and click that link, you won’t be disappointed. And show my bro some love on Twitter too. He’s one of the few rappers that truly appreciates his fans. Plus, he replies back and everything. -MinM

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