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Treena Burtin – “Mother Earth” (Poem)

by Miracle

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Treena Burtin is the newest member of the Blaqlizt Entertainment family and a big reason behind poetry being featured on the site. She put The Illixer on to the whole Poetry Unplugged event via her performance and the rest was history. So it only seemed fair to allow her to share her work. The poem she decided to submit is entitled “Mother Earth.” The poem contains a theme similar to that of her performance peace. It calls attention to problems that are plaguing society in order to enlighten and inspire change. Sounds deep huh? Check it out after the jump.

“Mother Earth”

(Poem By Treena Burtin)

The reason I never wanted to give birth to a lil mother earth
Was because the world was so messed up to me.
Here I am at a loss because out of all the chaos
You people continue to multiply then divide aiding in our own genocide
Its like damn when will we get it right.

I’m talking from pimps to politicians
From crack heads to role models
From hoes that turn tricks to mothers that take care of they kids.
I’m tired of our brothers’ dying in these streets leaving the women to raise the family
Forget that get rich or die trying somebody was lying
Cause real wealth is with your family.
If you got kids and you messed up your life
Just think you got 18 years to get it right.

Why must we be divided in our community by regions and street numbers?
Sooner or later to be further separated
By yellow caution, jail bars and county clothes a government institutionalized Bitch.
I’m just saying!!
Put down the guns man I wanna see more husbands.
Bring back the village respect for our elders.
Lets not continue to let education fail us.
Far from failures we were once kings and queens dethroned by hate.
It’s never too late.

All this selfish behavior turns friends into strangers
We envy our neighbors
And believe that material things make us adults and gives us self worth
Now my Paw Paw let the truth be told
God rest his soul
Said that flashy clothes don’t make you a man just a well-dressed boy.
This message is not to criticize but to help open eyes
To inspire change and instill self values
I want our future generations to bring together nations
But as long as we are divided we aid our own demise
I Mother earth am tired of seeing my children die

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this poem a lot. It had a profound honest message that definitely needs to be heard. Also, I like the raw way that Treena put certain things. It’s a clever way to grab people’s attention. In the end, this was a very fly piece. Looking forward to reading and hearing more from Treena! -MinM

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