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Spotlight On Treena Burtin: Milwaukee’s Own Mother Earth

by Miracle

(Photo By Treena Burtin)

**Note: Spotlight is an original category of The Illixer given to people or events covered that may not necessarily be Hip-Hop or music based; but still deserve to receive some type of recognition for one reason or another.

Meet Milwaukee native Treena Burtin. Treena is an up-and-coming R&B singer who also happens to: model, act, perform poetry, and do charity work. Treena got started with singing and acting while in high school. She won the lead role of Rita Louise Watson in her school’s version of the hit movie Sister Act II and the rest is history. Taking on a role originally played by the infamous Lauryn Hill is a nice early career accomplishment. Treena will be gracing R&B lovers with a brand new single on February 14, 2012. Who doesn’t like a good R&B song on the majorly recognized day of love. Besides working on music, Treena has also taken some steps to beef up her modeling portfolio. She has participated in events at Milwaukee’s own Studio One Photo Art and gone on to work with well known photographers such as Hank McClellan and Chris Burton. So Miss Burtin has an impressive background. However, what brought her to the attention of The Illixer is her current charity work.

Treena recently launched a new organization called Mother Earth at the beginning of this year. Mother Earth was originally just supposed to be a small drive amongst Treena and some friends to help gather Winter clothing items for children in need. Treena felt the need to give back to her community and she has a big place in her heart for kids. With that said, Treena decided she didn’t want the organization to just stop with the Winter drive. She wants to turn Mother Earth into a resource where the children in the community can receive care, attention, and whatever else they might need. She wants them to ultimately think of Mother Earth as a second home where they can turn if they are not getting everything they need in their regular homes. Part of that would be getting some projects going for the Summer as well. Some ideas for the Summer projects include a baseball or basketball league. Additionally, Treena would like Mother Earth to provide some academic help. Ideas for academics involve tutoring and college scholarships. But Treena doesn’t want the parents to feel left out. She wants to bring them in eventually as well and provide resources like: anger management, parenting classes, credit counseling, etc. Her ultimate goal for Mother Earth is for it to be a strong pillar of growth and unity within the community. To learn more about the organization or to participate in the current Winter Drive, visit Mother Earth on Facebook.

**My Two Cents: Though The Illixer is music based, there is a soft spot for the community as well. Anything that can be done to give back or any support that can be given to others involved in charity, I try my best to do. So much props to Treena and her Mother Earth organization. Wish her the best of luck in getting some of those ideas up and running. I’d like to participate in the academic stuff myself. And keep an eye out for The Illixer‘s and Blaqlizt Entertainment‘s own community ventures coming sometime in the near future. -MinM

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