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News: Jay Z Poem To Blue Ivy Carter Is A Fake

by Miracle

(Photo By AndPop.Com)

Not too long after releasing a heartfelt tribute entitled “Glory” to and featuring his daughter Blue Ivy Carter, it was rumored that Jay Z had bestowed her with another out pour of his emotions. A poem to his daughter hit the internet and caused quite the stir. The controversy surrounding the poem was that Jay Z had vowed to stop using the word b—h, as he felt it now a form of disrespect to his new born daughter. Some felt like he was too little too late in making the change and others loved the fact that his daughter was having such an impact on him. Well none of that matters now because the poem was a fake. During the grand reopening of his infamous 40/40 club, Hov revealed to the New York Daily News that the whole thing was a hoax. And it was a pretty good hoax at that. The poem was everywhere from minor blog sites to credible news publications like the Huffington Post. The debate on him no longer using the word was held everywhere from comments sections on various internet sites to major media outlets like programs on Sirius/XM satellite radio. At the moment, no one knows who is behind the fraudulent poem and story. But one has to give them props on so successfully pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. If anything else develops with this situation there will be an update.

**My Two Cents: Fake and all, I thought the poem was really nice. And it would have been a beautiful gesture on behalf of Jay Z. He would’ve been setting standards for Blue Ivy by his actions and not just his words. And people on the negative side are just full of crap. Jay Z is not the only rapper to frequently use the word. If it’s wrong for Hov and he gets held accountable for using it, all other rappers should too. Guess all that is irrelevant now though, since the whole thing was bogus. I am very curious to know who did write the poem, why they wrote it, and if they will ever come forward. -MinM

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