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“You’re never too big to lose, and you’re never too smart to lose” – Beyoncé, Part 2: Imperfection.

At that time you don’t realize that you could actually work super hard and give everything you have and lose.” Wise words from an artist that should’ve took top honors at this year’s Grammys. If you haven’t heard, Queen Bey (favored to win) lost to Beck. Beck, really? Honestly I saw it coming. You aren’t allowed to go against the rules of the music industry and expect for them to reward you. So no this post isn’t about the AOTY snub, but rather how you and your cousins acted when Beyoncé performed “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.” First let me tell you, it wasn’t the Grammys idea to even have that song performed on their stage. It was Beyoncé’s. She thought that with everything that is going on with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the song would be the perfect song to lead into John Legend and Common’s song “Glory.” The song would help bring light to what is happening currently. Again Beyoncé’s idea. Not the Grammys. So imagine my dismay, when I saw instead of people saying ‘Great to see a powerful message about Black lives on the main stage.’ There was instead ‘This is Ledisi’s song. She should’ve sang it.’ Um dear Mr. and Mrs. Loud and Wrong that is not Ledisi’s song.