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Sinista New Breed Presents: Femme Fatale (All Female Cypher)

by Miracle

You see male Hip-Hop Cyphers all the time. But very rarely do you get to see female emcees do their thing. And never has there ever been an all female emcee Cypher in Milwaukee, WI. That is until now. Sinista (New Breed) had the genius idea to round up some of the dopest femcees from around the city for the first ever all female Cypher. He dubbed it Femme Fatale and it includes the likes of: Rockz Solid, Kia Rap Princess, Miko, Beanz, Annie Mae, Autumn Rane, Davie, and Alexis. Peep the video below to see the ladies doing their thing.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a good Cypher. I think all of the ladies did a great job of showing off their skills. I was especially impressed by the younger ladies in attendance, they held their own. Props to Sinista for giving the femcees the opportunity to shine. And congrats to all of the ladies involved for making Hip-Hop history in Milwaukee, that’s a good look! -MinM

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