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DJ Cell & Rockz Solid @ Tha Spot

by Miracle

Earlier it was mentioned that the site would try to shed more light on the Southside Hip-Hop movement in Milwaukee. This will be one of many posts to help make that happen. Mike Hernandez and DJ Cell hold live sessions at a local venue called Tha Spot. The live sessions are to help give local artists the opportunity to shine. This live session features femcee RockzSolid. Rockz reps hard for Brewed Fresh Records and her Southside home. Also, Rockz isn’t just a rapper. She’s a mother, student, business woman, and the list goes on. Check her out below as she does her thing with simply a microphone and a deejay.

**My Two Cents: I like Rockz a lot. Her music is something different and she has a nice little flow about her. Plus, you can tell she has a genuine love for what she’s doing. And these days with all the rappers in the business for the wrong reasons, it’s good to see somebody who is truly about the music. Want more with Rockz? Stay tuned for the first ever all female Milwaukee Cypher, its insane. And a live session with Kia Rap Princess is coming up as well. So be sure to check back! -MinM

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mike January 20, 2012 - 7:49 am

this is hip hop if you are a true hip hop fan you see the movement we are trying to do bring thr essense of hip hop back bboy/graffiti art/live underground shows. southside hip hop is making moves be on the look out #414


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