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New Music From: Kia Rap Princess

by Miracle

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“Money Train”

Blaqlizt Entertainment‘s Kia Rap Princess is gearing up to take over the Hip-Hop game next month. She is scheduled to drop the highly anticipated mixtape Heiress 2 The Throne: Volume 2. There will be listening events going down for the release, so be sure to keep an eye out for details. But while fans are waiting, she’s been blessing the net with free singles and videos. Her most recent release is entitled “Money Train.” The track is Kia’s own personal spin on DMV rapper Wale‘s song “Bait.” Thus the production pretty much mirrors the original. There is a brief hook of sorts at the beginning of the cut. It is simply repetition of the title but it’s catchy. Following the hook, Kia basically just goes in for a little over a minute. With her unique flow and immaculate rhymes, she does a great job of capturing the listener’s attention and keeping it until the end. Overall, this song is a winner. The only complaint is that it’s not long enough. But then again, it wouldn’t be right for Kia to give up everything on one track. If readers enjoyed this song, be sure to click the link and download it for FREE via Sound Cloud.



As previously mentioned, Kia has been dropping videos as well. Her latest video is entitled “On Top” and once again sees her joining forces with Steve White. The video features Kia chilling around the Mil on the late night tip, spitting like only she can. The track is definitely a street joint, therefore the nature of the visuals is very fitting. Her all black attire and too cool demeanor really sets things off. Toss in the super sick production with Kia’s razor sharp lyrics and one has all the makings of a certified hood banger. But please click play and be blown away for yourself.

**My Two Cents: Not much to say. Kia is a monster when it comes to this Hip-Hop game. She rips up the mic and shuts down shows. I still have yet to hear a song of hers that I didn’t like or see a crowd that she couldn’t rock. She’s next to blow, just remember where you heard it first. Heiress 2 The Throne: Volume 2 coming March 2012, get ready!! -MinM

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