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Rich P – The Hiatus (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

 The Hiatus

Rich P is another Milwaukee artist that was discovered at local venue, Danny’s Lounge.  With his charismatic personality and smooth rhyming style similar to that of the one and only Jadakiss, Rich P makes quite the first impression. Rich P had an instant passion for music growing up and began his journey into the game at the young age of eight. He started off writing rhymes for other emcees and was on to producing by age twelve. Now he is out to make a name for himself as a solo artist. But he doesn’t just want to be another successful rapper. Rich P has aspirations of being the next big entrepreneur. His desired end game is to run his own record label where he can help other up-and-coming talents express themselves and achieve their dreams. And don’t expect the typical materialistic, sexual, violent, content from him either. He states: “My music is about ambition, progress, prosperity and success as I see it. I also talk about real life issues. The music I make may not be your everyday trap music or anything like that because I don’t believe in promoting that type of material to my supporters.”  Nothing wrong with being different. Rich currently has one album out entitled The Hiatus. Continue reading for a breakdown of his four favorite tracks off of the project.

“Comin’ Home” F/ Status P

The production here is hot. It features a strong heavy bass, a few light sounds, and a chill relaxed vibe. The hook is on point as well. The vocals are nice on the ears and the lyrics are quality. The verses are fresh. Rich P has a clean distinct flow, sharp wordplay, and solid/entertaining rhymes. He does a good job of embracing the earlier mentioned themes of ambition and success. Peep it as he spits: “Whether or not they feeling me, you don’t get to me. I simply excel. Shout out to all my people underground and in a cell. It’s a cold world when they putting you through hell. I’m on my way home. See you when I get there.” Those are some fly lines right there. Overall, this track is a banger and a favorite off of the album.

“The Hiatus (The Wait Is Over)”

The production here is top notch. It contains a low tone, a guitar like rift, and a mellow vibe. The hook is decent. Rich P has an interesting delivery and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are choice. Rich brings his signature flow with a powerful sense of confidence. The confident element really enhances the track. Also, he has witty wordplay and clever rhymes. Some standout lines include: “I ain’t into playing ping pong. I ain’t going back and forth with a peon. Obviously, they ain’t on the s–t we on. Be gone, (Poof!), David Copperfield. Ingrate, I been great. It’s not a big deal, left hand on the wheel. Swisha in the other. Pocket full of color, green and purple. I’m a smooth a$$ nerd, Stephan and Steve Urkel. And I’m a clean motherf–ka so I might’ve birthed you. Damn, that might’ve hurt you.” Rich spit that fire in those lines. In the end, this song is a winner. The overall feel of the beat and the grade A content are sure to appeal to any listener.

“Bright Lights”

The production here is different. It  has an old school rock feel to it with a mid-tempo pace. It makes for a dope change up. The hook is fair. Rich P has a melodic element to his delivery and the lyrics are catchy. “Yeah them bright lights, blind my eye sight. Got my liquor and my Swisha and it’s rolled tight. I don’t waste time. On a steady grind. For them bright lights. For them bright lights;” these lines have a very cool/fun feel to them. The verses are adequate. Rich rides the beat well with a flow that blends in perfectly with the music. His lyrics are quick and sufficient. He does an excellent job of penning another ambition themed anthem. Overall, this song is definitely worth a listen or two. It has a good energy.

“Look Up At The Sky”

The production here is up to standard. The tempo slows down a bit compared to the previous track and the vibe has more of serious feel to it. The hook is legit. Rich again flexes his melodic abilities in a respectable manner. Additionally, the lyrics are proper and relatable. The verses are noteworthy. Rich has a sophisticated flow and boss lyrics. He does an impeccable job of putting his words together. Highlight lines include: “A lot of times a n—a think about leaving. Flying away, letting my thoughts get a breather. These n—as just mad cause of my cough and my fever. Yeah, I’m that cold. Turn ’em all to believers. And I’m clean like a new bar of Lever 2000. I wish I could go back to 2000.” That was a ill way to kick off the second verse.  All in all, this track is a sure fire hit and another favorite.

**My Two Cents: I think these four tracks provide a valid perception of The Hiatus. The album as a whole is first-rate. Rich has a fine ear for production and his content was superb. I immensely enjoyed this album, it was very refreshing. It’s nice to hear an album that is NOT all about trapping, sex, and balling. Rappers these days are so scared to be different and try new things. We need more emcees to think outside of the box like Rich. If he stays driven and true to himself, the sky is the limit for this young emcee. But please give a listen to the album for yourselves. If  readers like Rich’s music, they should check out his YouTube page too. -MinM

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