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Gat Turner & Viva Fidel – “In Killwaukee”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“In Killwaukee”

During their previous interviews, conscious Milwaukee emcees/activists Viva Fidel and Gat Turner mentioned that they were collaborating on a project together. The album has been dubbed the Killwaukee Experiment and will focus on the struggles that poor people and minorities in Milwaukee must deal with on a regular basis. For example, the city is currently dealing with the recall of Governor Scott Walker. Gat had this to say about the upcoming mixtape: “It’s more than a mixtape. This undertaking embodies musical mastery, visual metaphors, and Milwaukee in it’s realest form.”  Also, the tape is said to be diverse, honest, and potentially controversial. Additionally, the tape includes guest appearances from well known personalities and artists here in Milwaukee. The first offering from the tape is the title track, “In Killwaukee.” The song samples “Where I’m From” by Hip-Hop veteran/mogul Jay Z. The song touches on a variety of issues that haunt the city, including making mention of some of the unfortunate events that have taken place in recent years. So common problems like mothers neglecting their children to more scandalous ones like the Wisconsin State Fair riot are discussed. The song has a serious tone to it and a very powerful eye opening message.



A couple of days ago, the duo released visuals to the track. The video is a simple one. It pretty much just explores different parts of Milwaukee while Gat and Viva do their thing. Though it is not a complex concept, the visuals are still striking and make an impact on the viewer. Hearing about the areas being influenced by all the violence and negativity is one thing. But to actually see the areas makes the situation that much more real. The video ends with Gat and Viva walking off and one last shot of an impacted neighborhood.

**My Two Cents: This song has so much truth in it and I love that. Gat and Viva kept it 100% real on a lot of topics and said things most of us think but are too scared to mention out loud. The video was decent too. I would have like to have seen Gat & Viva a little more active during their performances though. Otherwise, the video served it’s purpose well and really drove home the purpose of the song. Killwaukee Experiment is scheduled for release sometime in August. -MinM

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