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Rich P – “The Hiatus” (Video)

by Miracle

Milwaukee rapper Rich P has been dropping a variety of trailers for the visuals for his single “The Hiatus (The Wait Is Over),” off of his The Hiatus mixtape. Finally, as a gift to his true and loyal fans/supporters, the young emcee released the full video early yesterday. Peep the cinematic number below.



The video was created in conjunction with Mr. Vanilla TV. There is no set storyline or concept with this video but it works. Instead, it features Rich P all fly and smooth in a variety of different situations. He is shown: kicking it in the hood with one of his homies, chilling on a bridge, doing some recording, and more. Also, there are some cool special effects throughout the piece too. For example: an occasional lyric pops up in an artsy way, the end of the video contains a shot done in purple with a slow motion sequence, etc. And the video ends with an unexpected mysterious to be continued message. Way to keep fans on their toes and coming back for more. All in all, it’s a pretty unique and entertaining watch.

**My Two Cents: I think this is a well put together video. The laid back vibe matches the mellow feel of the track perfectly. Also, the visuals represent the song nicely. I especially like the purple scene. It is an awesome tribute to the Rock sample used and to Rich’s Purple Label company. Would even be a fitting nod to the late DJ Screw. Anyways, props to all involved with the video. It was certainly worth the wait! In case readers missed it, check out a review of Rich P’s mixtape The Hiatus here. And keep up with Rich and all of his latest endeavors by following him on Twitter. -MinM

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