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Emmitt James “Soul Difference”

by Miracle

(Photo By Tumblr.Com)

“Soul Difference” (preview)

As previously mentioned, Emmitt James is embarking on a new journey for his upcoming EP which is scheduled to drop sometime next month. His first venture is the leaking of a single called “Soul Difference.” The track was produced by I.X. Matthew and mixed by well known Milwaukee rapper Pizzle. The production here is charming. It entails a collection of musical elements with an old school groove to them. There is no hook used on this cut. This works out fine because the track is on the brief side. The unbroken verse is original. Emmitt James exhibits an identifiable flow, admirable wordplay, and direct rhymes. He discusses: whack music, releasing free music, and more. He spits: “What me and Common got in common? We do this for the people. I’m just making art. Call it Mona Lisa. A poet turned rapper. I do this for my own sake. I treat it like an album not a mixtape. I put my soul in it. Like women giving they all when they gold digging. But here’s the sole/soul difference. I’d die for this.” Awesome sample of lyrical finesse in those lines right there. In the end, this is a high grade track and it sets a good tone for the pending EP.

**My Two Cents: I am really digging this track. Its short but at the same time has a lot of substance to it. Also, Pizzle and I.X. Matthew did a wonderful job with the sound quality too. Stay tuned to the site for the upcoming EP and other happenings with Emmitt James. -MinM

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