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Krayzie – “Dark Days Bright Nights” / “In The House” (Videos)

by Miracle

(Photo By Steve White)

Over the past couple of weeks, rapper Krayzie and his partner in music Steve White got together and released two very different sets of visuals. The first flick is for a song titled, “Dark Days Bright Nights.” The track is a quiet cut with a strong personal element to it. It’s a rare look from Krayzie but it’s pretty decent.


The video is of course is a Steve White Films project. It has a fairly simple concept. Basically, the camera just shows Krayzie in various mellowed out environments doing his thing. The most common of which entails Krayzie being outdoors amidst the rain. The progression between the miscellaneous scenes is pure. The lighting and color quality fit the toned down mood of the song exceptionally well. The piece ends with a snippet of another song and some advertising. Overall, this was a nicely put together video. It represented the single well and had a very appealing tame nature to it.

The second video that the duo released is a striking contrast from the first. It’s for a song called “In The House.” The song itself is fly. The number is a bass driven club anthem with raw lyrics. It is super catchy and sure to be a major hit at any party or venue.


*WARNING: Not Suitable For Work*

The visuals this time around are a bit on the edgy side but are still generating a hugely positive reaction. The theme of the video features Krayzie, Steve, and a few friends chilling in a house with scantily clad female companions. There is a lot of shaking, pole work, alcohol, and balloons present throughout the project. Steve White enhanced the film with some very cunning plays on hues and movement. The video closes out with a little behind the scenes smoking fun at Steve White’s expense. All in all, this was a fresh look. The video was very relative to the song and it fulfilled it’s purpose without a doubt.

**My Two Cents: Both of these videos were on point. Each gave life to it’s track and was masterfully created. Steve’s vision is always in sync with Krayzie’s rhymes, that is a great connection to have. These two are for sure holding it down for the Mil. Take a minute to visit their links and see what else they have going on. -MinM

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