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Signif – “Rocket Fuel (PCP)” / “I Rather”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“Rocket Fuel (PCP)” (listen/download)

“I Rather” (listen/download)

Milwaukee / New York emcee Signif has finally decided to end her silence and treat her fans to some new music. Earlier this month she kicked off the campaign for her brand new Gee Wiz produced album, Significant Wizdom II: Atypical. The first release from the project is a track titled “Rocket Fuel (PCP).” Signif shared this about the track: “I touch on a few different topics; staying relevant, past delinquencies, why I’m fine with being heard and not seen. The track title holds a drug reference that I refer to in the chorus ‘get em high, to the sky.’ Addiction through music always feels good, so let me dope you!” The production here is fire. It is made up of: a healthy bass, fresh rhythm, and harsh vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are pretty black & white. The verses are strong. Signif comes with her signature flow, canny wordplay, and top shelf rhymes. She provides proof that she is deserving of all of the accolades that surround her name. Memorable lines include: “You either emulating styles or you dropping names. And it still holds no weight. They say they ready for my new tape. I say I got it in the bag like a lunch break. While Wiz hit you with the snares and the beat breaks, I deliver melodies that make the crowd shake. (…) Never mad but you know it’s still one and the same. So stay in ya lane.” Signif definitely brings some attitude in those bars. Overall, this song is a banger and was an ideal choice for the first single. Visuals for the track can be seen here. Darren Cole directed the piece. It has a lot going on aesthetically and will for sure hold any viewer’s attention.

“I Rather” is the second single off of Signif’s new project. It is a huge contrast from the first record. Here is what Signif had to say about the cut: “I’m one to wear my heart on my sleeve at times and “I Rather” is just that.  It’s soft spoken as I reflect on my current situation. I’m addressing honesty, loyalty, respect, and trust, while coming to grips that some people feel entitled to these precious jewels in life without offering the same. It blows my mind how some people can be so thoughtless. The “tired” I refer to in the song becomes inspiration in the end and helps get me back on track to succeed, while giving me the courage to cut the not so good people out but in the end I’m willing to make a menace and leave it at that.” That is a nice personalized description. The production here is appealing. It contains a: soulful foundation, slow tempo, and a mild vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is easy to follow and the lyrics are rich. The verses are expressive. Signif presents a laid back flow and prime individualized rhymes. She speaks freely about issues that she’s dealing with and ultimately goes on to find a peace of mind. Noteworthy lines include: “I’ll be a square amongst these rectangles. Trying to figure my angle. While they looking to slay you. Weak friends will betray you for a couple jokes. I let it all sink in before I get ghost. I got zero problems. I don’t want no more. You want my life story? Huh? Well here ya go.” Intriguing thoughts being reflected right there. All in all, this song is another hit and a respectable follow up to the debut single.


**My Two Cents: I was thrilled to receive the news that Signif had new music out. I love her work as she always has something unique to offer. And these two singles do not disappoint. She truly let her gifts and versatility shine. Significant Wizdom II: Atypical is available via Band Camp now, so be sure to visit that link. The promo video for the album can be seen above and a review for the album will hit the site soon. -MinM

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