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Collaboration Of The Week 3: B~Free & Kal’L – “Let You Go”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Let You Go” F/ Kal’L (preview)

A lot has happened with soulful songbird B~Free since she was last featured on the site. She has returned back to Milwaukee, is teaching music, and is still managing to blow people away with her talent. Which was made very evident in the track she did with Kal’L for Collaboration Month titled “Let You Go.” And that is why she is the lucky winner of week three which was cleverly dubbed, “Singers Only Week.”

This song was written by both Kal’L & B~Free. The production was handled by Starfaze. The production here is perfection. The gentle bass, classy instrumentation, and tranquil vibe provide a sublime auditory experience for the listener. The hook is stunning too. The vocals from B~Free and Kal’L are great. The placement was proficiently done. So the back and forth transitions with ease. And the lyrics are palpable yet affective. The verses are five-star quality. B~Free shines with poised harmonies and Kal’L provided her with pristine lyrics. She really draws the listener in as she touches base on the all too familiar situation of having to leave a relationship despite neither party wanting to end it. Something a lot of people have been thru a time or two before. She empathizes: “I can see the water in your eyes. You’re trying not to shed a tear. But I just can’t get past the lies. All the tears I’ve cried throughout the years. Waiting by the phone, all alone. Wishing I was in your arms. I can’t hold on if you feed me another lie. Don’t want to lose you but I’m scared to give another try.” Those words breed a very stirring image. Overall, this collaboration is a smash.

**My Two Cents: This was a piece of R&B heaven right here. Everything about the track was just awesome. I love B~Free’s vocals and how they blended with the production. And as a writer this is one of Kal’L’s best works. Major applause to these two for a job well done! Be sure to catch B~Free and Kal’L via their respective Facebook pages. And don’t forget Collaboration Month will be celebrated via a mixtape release party on December 15th. -MinM

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