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Kal’L Presents: Collaboration Month

by Miracle

(Photo By Carter Isonhart)

It has been mentioned several times in previous posts that R&B singer Kal’L had a major movement in the works for this month. After having such a successful Collaboration Week back in August, he was inspired to revisit the idea. This time around though, he decided to do an entire Collaboration Month. The month officially kicked off on the 5th. And he’s not just releasing dope tracks with various talents. There is also going to be: some radio play, a mixtape, a party, and The Illixer will be joining in on all of the action as well. While all of the new parts make the venture more exciting, it can be a lot to take in too. So Kal’L hooked up with Elite Film Group to break down all of the information for participants and fans. Check out the promo video below.


The first three singles for Collaboration Month have been released and can be heard here. The winner of the week will be announced on the site at 8pm tonight. So be sure to check back and see who the lucky artist is. Also, feel free to leave feedback on the tracks and share who you think deserves to win in the comments section. Kal’s end game with this whole affair is to shed some positive light on the Milwaukee music scene while at the the same time bringing artists together. This event is definitely going to leave it’s mark when all is said and done. In the words of the ambitious crooner: “Make Music Not War!” Don’t forget the review for the collaboration of the week will hit the site at 8pm.

**My Two Cents: I am very excited to be a part of this movement. Much love to Kal’L for allowing The Illixer to join him in his efforts to bring a little more unity to Milwaukee. Best of luck to all of the artists who are involved. The first week’s selections were on point and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. -MinM

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