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Collaboration Of The Week: Mad Static & Kal’L – “She’s So Fly”

by Miracle

(Photos By Sound Cloud & Jay Thomas)

“She’s So Fly” F/ Kal’L (preview)

So as part of the previously mentioned Collaboration Month, at the end of every week one of the three released singles will be selected for review and be dubbed “Collaboration Of The Week.” The tracks will be considered  based on: style, content, vibe, and response from the fans. The first lucky winner is Mad Static of Higher Education Records. He submitted a track called “She’s So Fly.” The cut was produced by Jay Thomas.

The production here is stellar. It is made up of subtle instruments, a pleasant rhythm, and an ultra-chic tone. The hook is delectable. Kal’L brings seasoned vocals and fundamental lyrics. The verses are imperious. Static serves up a low key flow and prestigious rhymes. He does a compelling job of discussing the type of lady he fancies. Notable lines include: “Back in the passenger. The baddest girl to the left of me. A slice of the fast life to her is the best thing. Eyes dimmed low. Conscious is teetering. Seeing whether she the real deal or just a silly hoe. On top of me only to go topless. Freak among freaks. Closet. A sex goddess. We substitute the bed for the driver’s seat. Either way you still riding. Keep ya eye on me.” Great imagery being depicted by Static in those bars. Overall, this was a picture-perfect venture and a terrific way to end the first week of Collaboration month.

**My Two Cents: Mad Static, Kal’L, and Jay Thomas really showed up and showed out on this track. The style was appealing, the content was appropriate, the vibe was epic, and it happened to be a fan favorite on the social media sites too. So major props to the fellas for this track. And congrats to Mad Static on his victory. Readers can peep Static’s Facebook Page or Twitter for more with the outspoken and gifted emcee. -MinM

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