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Thug Therapy – Thug Therapy (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Thug Therapy (iTunes)

All indie Hip-Hop fans and Wyte Music affiliates alike have been talking about since the beginning of November is the release of the self titled debut album from Memphis group, Thug Therapy. After much anticipation and promo work, the LP finally hit iTunes just a few short days ago. It is a healthy offering of 20 tracks, packed full of finely crafted production, and a diverse set of guest appearances. See how the debut pans out, after the jump.

“Everytime” F/ Blaine Zigler

The production here is good. It consists of a quiet bass, minute background elements, and a very relaxed vibe. The hook is solid. Blaine Zigler has an extremely unique set of vocals laced with a strong accent and his lyrics are engaging. The verses are moderate. The fellas serve up well-defined flows, quality wordplay, and authentic rhymes. They candidly discuss the flawed nature of the world today and make mention of how they manage to cope. A few lines worth noting are: “Got us all in a line. But we blind cause we all online. Let these sound waves eat yo brain. Trying to control yo mind. Anything left in the wild become a beast and that’s by nature. You think that’s all you worth cause it look good on some paper.” Deep words that make you think right there. Overall, this song is a hit.


The production here is of high quality. It is made up of a savvy rhythm, subtle musical components, and a street vibe. The hook is conventional. The delivery is attractive and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are interesting. Thug Therapy brings tight-knit flows, slick wordplay, and telling rhymes. They share a little about the conditions in Memphis that provides some insight into what shaped their personalities. Some lines that grab one’s attention include: “Dreams I have be f–ked up. I don’t need them s–ts to come true. (…) So hungry I could eat you. You can tell when a n—a never had much. Game tight I could teach you. You can tell when n—as never learn much. So I’m a get this money. Under table, no taxes. And I’ll be in my lane. Far away from yo b—hassness.” Dope spitting taking place in those lines. All in all, this song is a banger and a favorite off of the LP.

“Turnt Up” F/ DJ Paul

The production here is fresh. There is a soulful element present that gives it a certain flair and a super sleek vibe. The hook is valid. The delivery is fair and the lyrics are fetching. The verses are respectable. The duo take on the first half of the song and the legendary DJ Paul finishes things off. All three artists came with signature flows and reputable rhymes. They provide the perfect auditory representation of the single’s title. Striking lines include: “Never know how I’m a come. I might turn up with ya ex. (…) So I keep turning up with dollars. And one thing about it, I ain’t turning down my collar. We tore it down tonight. It be a different time tomorrow. And ain’t no coming down. So I keep turning up the bar.” Swagged out imagery being put forth by those words. In the end, this is a hot cut that should be on any vibing music playlist.

“Luv These Streetz” F/ Miscellaneous

The production here is fire. There is a prominent Southern groove that adds a lot of flavor to the beat. The hook is first-class too. The delivery is easy going and the lyrics are snazzy. The verses are satisfying. Big E and Ace handle their business first, then Miscellaneous follows suit. The trio provide charming flows and top-shelf rhymes while at the same time penning an impeccable hood anthem. A couple of lines worth observing include: “I’m in these streets where you can find me. A couple of Chevys full of goons right behind me. I was out there in them streets until they signed me. I’m talking end of the streets where the signs be.” Raw sentiments being reflected in those bars. Towards the end of the track a small break is introduced. It features an unexpected but likeable melodious component. As a whole, this is a winning number and another favorite.

“Posse Song” F/ Frayser Boy, $hamrock, Jeh Byrd, Miscellaneous, West Danero, & Lil Wyte

The production here is copacetic. It has a subdued urban tone with a portion that is very reminiscent of the score from the infamous Godfather films. Not sure if it was done on purpose or not but the mafia nod is very fitting since this is a large group record. No hook is used on this cut. But the verses are ideally paced. Therefore a hook isn’t really needed. The verses are proficient. Ace of Thug Therapy sets the bar by going first and Big E of Thug Therapy upholds the momentum at the end. Frayser Boy heads up the crew that maintains the mid-section of the track with his one of a kind flow and cutting rhymes. $hamrock comes in next with an intense rugged style. Jeh Byrd takes over from there and holds it down for the ladies. She is succeeded by Miscellaneous who comes through with a speedy execution. West Danero adds his two cents after that and does an adequate job. Finally, Wyte Music Records CEO Lil Wyte rounds out the pack like only a true boss can. Every single artist left their mark and put on to the fullest. Overall, this was a substantial way to end the album.

**My Two Cents: This was an outstanding debut. Thug Therapy really gave a praise worthy effort, the guest appearances were consistent, and the production was nicely formulated to fit the group. Wyte Music Records has another victory under their belt with this one. However, readers are encouraged to check out the album for themselves to form a final opinion. Also, be sure to show some love to the Thug Therapy page on Facebook too. -MinM

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