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Collaboration Of The Week 2: Kal’L & Rich P. – “Season Of Love (Remix)”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Season Of Love (Remix)” F/ Rich P (preview)

The second week of Collaboration Month has come to a close. Which means it’s time to pick a new winner. As a reminder, at the end of every week one of the three released singles will be selected for review and be dubbed “Collaboration Of The Week.” Once again, the tracks will be considered  based on: style, content, vibe, and response from the fans. The winner of week two is the one and only, Rich P. of Purple Label Inc. / Elite Film Group. He joined Kal’L for a remix of his song “Season Of Love.”

The production here is exquisite. The almost weightless musical details combined with the crisp strolling pace create an euphoric vibe. The hook is a dream. Kal’L contributes beautifully inerrant vocals and well placed lyrics. The verses are flattering. Kal’L takes on the first two sections. He continues his fluent vocal work as he reassures the lady in his life that she can trust him and that they are made for one another. Rich P. comes in on the final portion. He does an excellent job of picking up where Kal’L leaves off. He exhibits a pacifying flow and refreshing rhymes. He too is very sympathetic and comforting towards a significant other who has had a tough go at the game of love. He spits: “I can feel it in the air. And I can tell that your heart needs repair. Them last couple fools acted like they didn’t care. But here I am to take you from your despair.” Vivid and moving display of emotion right there. Overall, this was a grade A remix.

**My Two Cents: This was a very smartly done track. Kal’L opened up the original at just the right spot and Rich P. knocked it out the park for sure. The style was consistent, the content was balanced, and the vibe was very enjoyable. Kal’L and Rich P make a good team. On another note, all of the songs from Collaboration Month will be featured on a mixtape called The Example. The winners from each week will perform live next month at the mixtape release party. The big affair is scheduled to go down on December 15th. Readers can keep up with all of the details here. -MinM

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