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Rich P F/ Status – “Flow”

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Flow” (preview)

The always couth Rich P is preparing to treat the Hip-Hop world to the perfect gift for the holidays. He is dropping a fresh project titled #Change: Unpredictable on December 21st. It will be part of a three part series. As the date draws closer, he is not only doing heavy online promotion but he just leaked the first single from the offering. The single is called “Flow” and features fellow artist Status. The production here was handled by Rich himself and is all business. The heavy bass,  deliberate pace, and entrenched components create a gruff vibe. The hook is catchy. Rich P provides a magnetic delivery and super-cool lyrics. The verses are plausible. Status comes in and rips the first verse. Rich P smashes the second and third. Each artist comes with idiosyncratic flows, assertive wordplay, and take-no-prisoners rhymes. They convey an unmistakeable message about their feeling of superiority in this Hip-Hop game. Worthwhile lines from Rich include: “You couldn’t be a part of nothing greater. I’m new to the scene so they won’t do me no favors. But nah, I ain’t complaining. That was just a statement made out of frustration. Look you know the boy got glow. But now you just witnessed that the n—a got flow.” Sick words being spit in those bars. Overall, this song is boss.

**My Two Cents: This was a dope track. Very excited to hear what Rich came up with for the rest of the project. I know it’s going to be something special. #Change: Unpredictable hits the net on December 21st, as a reminder. So be sure to visit one of the sites listed in the graphic or check back here around that time. -MinM

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