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Klassik – In The Making (Album Review)

by Miracle

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In The Making (preview/purchase)

“Enemy/Inner Me” (previous review)

Milwaukee based artist Klassik released his much awaited album In The Making yesterday (9/25). The album boasts 17 fresh songs, guest appearances from some of Milwaukee’s other elite emcees like ¡OYE!, and esteemed production. Here is a little more info about the project: “Klassik’s goal with this album was to create a new genre of music. Boxing him into one particular genre wouldn’t do his expressions justice. He doesn’t settle in his artistic innovation. The genres and influences on In The Making come from musical legends of all realms including: Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, De La Soul, Kanye West, and Outkast. All of the songs written and produced by Klassik are completely original work. This project has come to life over the last three years as the artist has built a reputation for his eclectic work on numerous features and collaborations with major artists in the Milwaukee music scene. (Press Release).” So did Klassik make the best of the past 36 months? Click the jump to find out.

“Not What Ur Used 2”

The production here is on point. The variety of musical elements and trendy core mix together nicely and create a magnetic vibe. The hook is good. The delivery has a soulful melody to it. The lyrics are authentic. The verses are well crafted. Klassik exhibits a diverse flow, quality wordplay, and tight rhymes. He validates his talents while at the same time embracing the fact that he is not quite like any other artist in the game. He spits: “Course I am the freshness. Not just the attire but the fire in the message could burn down your whole town. Including the addresses of your flunky crew members who I’m not so much impressed with. None can bless this track as I’ve done. Sort of like your first communion. Words come together like the bride and the groom. And sort of like the family reunion.” One has to appreciate the innovative way that Klassik put his words together in those lines. Overall, this song is dope and a fitting ode to Klassik’s individuality.


The production here is tasteful. It contains a strong piano presence, an upbeat rhythm, and a free spirited vibe. The hook is solid. It is made up of both singing and rapping. The vocals are pleasant and the rhyming is fair. However, the rhyming doesn’t add a whole lot. Utilizing vocals all the way through would have been just fine. The lyrics are substantial. The verses are genuine. Klassik offers up a luring flow, suitable wordplay, and personable rhymes. He speaks on dealing with the hecticness of life and sometimes needing to take a break from it all. Which is a situation that any listener will be able to identify with. Prominent lines include: “You don’t know how long I been searching. And you don’t know how long I been hurting. Chasing a lifestyle that damn sure ain’t certain. Wishing I could close up the curtains and pause for an intermission. If the world’s a stage then I’m still trying to figure out the part I play. With my heart I stay ahead of my worst enemy. Which since birth has been my inner me.” That is some profound expression going on in those words. In the end, this is another flourishing track.

“Ur Next Move” F/ ¡OYE!

The production here is hip. The light instrumentation paired with the jazzy tempo makes for an optimistic vibe. The hook is decent. The delivery has a mellifluous aspect to it. The lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are entertaining. Klassik breezes through the first and last verses while ¡OYE! cruises through the second. Both gentleman dish out stylish flows and gratifying rhymes. They share various details of being in awe of a special lady. Observe as Klassik spits: “I prefer not to make a mistake. This could be a fiasco. Sort of like Revenge Of The Nerds. And so I gather my nerve. Step up to the ladies with a few nice words. Like pardon me ladies didn’t mean to interrupt. But your girl has got me stuck like a typewriter at the end of a page. Sorry Miss Thing didn’t mean to be lame. I’d really like your number. But I’ll start with your name. She said … Make your next move.” There is some skillful storytelling going on right there with vivid imagery. All in all, this is another admirable cut.

**My Two Cents: In The Making was worth all of the time invested. The listener can really tell that Klassik took the extra effort to make sure everything from the content to the production was up to par. Also, the personal components here and there were a sophisticated touch. Not always easy to open up but it certainly helps to draw more people in since Klassik is such a different artist. I think fans old and new will be fond of the LP. But please head on over to Band Camp and listen for yourselves. If local readers like In The Making, there will be a release show on October 5 at G-Daddy’s BBC Bar & Grill. Tickets will be sold at the door for $10 and hard copies of In The Making will be sold as well. To sweeten the pot there will be a live band and live violinist in the building too. Sounds like a fun time, right? Mark your calendars and go show your support! -MinM

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