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Klassik – “Enemy/Inner Me” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“Enemy/Inner Me” (preview/purchase)

It was mentioned in a prior post that rapper Klassik was getting ready to embark on a solo journey in his career. He has been featured as a guest on a lot of tracks lately. And while he makes great collaborations, he is ready to do more of his own thing. Thus the Milwaukee emcee is preparing to release his debut album next month. The LP once again is entitled In The Making and word has it that Klassik has been working on this project for about the past three years. The album will consist of 17 brand new original tracks and will include guest appearances from some other Mil-Town favorites like: Prophetic, Pizzle, Blizz McFly, and more. In The Making will be hosted on Band Camp and be available to purchase for $10. The trailer for the debut can be seen here. The official release date for the album is September 25, 2012. As most artists do, Klassik is leaking a few tracks before In The Making officially drops to help generate some buzz for the LP. The current song/video that he released is called “Enemy/Inner Me.” The song was written and produced by Klassik himself. Here is what was shared about the track: it “addresses what is standing between him and success. It exposes Klassik’s self sabotaging behavior which stems from his mind’s weakest moments. He acknowledges the universal struggle to control his inner self filled with self-doubt, lack of focus, and dark thoughts which torment him. Lurking in the mind’s dark holes leads him to physical distractions which provide only dissatisfying, temporary relief. Klassik’s resolve is clear. All you need is within you. Develop yourself according to the call of your heart and you will find your way. Use your dark side to move into the light (Press Release).” Additionally, the single is said to provide a good perspective on the inspiration behind  the upcoming album. The content of the LP is based on Klassik’s personal discoveries and growth as an artist over the years. The single has a unique and attractive production. The lyrics are intellectually stimulating. Overall, the song was a rightful selection for a leak.


Klassik also released a set of visuals for this track. The video was created by Nick Drew of Red Hat Films. The project is set in a couple of different locations, the main setting being outdoors. Klassik is shown in a variety of circumstances as well. Notable ones include him in the booth and him working at the piano. There are some neat effects done with movement in the video too. The piece ends with a refocused Klassik twinkling the ivories. All in all, this was a gratifying flick.

**My Two Cents: This song and video were both very creative. Klassik always brings something uncommon to the table and that is my favorite thing about him. Nothing ever sounds the same and he always delivers. Looking forward to hearing future leaks and the rest of the album. Klassik can be found online here. -MinM

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