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Jermaine Event – Uncle Tom’s (EP Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

Uncle Tom’s EP (listen/download)

Jermaine Event first appeared on the site as part of the Wisconsin State Fair tribute video done by Higher Education Records. He made a good first impression. So decided to see what else he can do. Last month he dropped his debut offering. The project is titled Uncle Tom’s EP and consists of five tracks. There are no guest appearances but there are contributions from some well known local producers like Moses and Mammyth. Continue reading for a breakdown on a couple of tracks.

“Take The Long Way Home”

The production here is flawless. It features a sample of “Take The Long Way Home” by old school Rock band Supertramp. Additionally there is an uptempo pace, a sophisticated cadence, and an enticing vibe. The hook also utilizes the sample. It turned out well. The verses are acceptable. Jermaine Event serves up a vivacious flow, fiery wordplay, and competent rhymes. He blatantly displays the more serious-minded side to his personality. Which provides a completely different aspect from the fun loving persona that readers were introduced to via the State Fair tribute. Lines worth mentioning include: “I took the scenic route. Just glazing bout to hit the booth. Piss on the bible but I’m always coming with the truth. I sing the blues. S–t is sadder than the news. So I bit the s–t I spit like my mouth was full of chew.” Those lines are brief but reflect the strong conviction of the track. Overall, this song is decent and an intense way to start the EP.

“Uncle Tom”

This track was produced by Mammyth. He definitely did his thing. The production sounds great. The unhurried tempo, funky musical elements, and mellow vibe mesh splendidly together. The hook is five-star quality. The delivery is firm and the lyrics are frank. The verses are gripping. Jermaine Event offers an impassioned flow, assertive wordplay, and informative rhymes. He opens up on a variety of subject matters such as: his reasoning for the EP’s title, his career struggles, and more. He discloses: “See I was grinding low key. Jotting in my cave. Sitting on verses cause I knew I had to let ’em age. Here comes the change. Never had to change my focus. See me stepping on the stage repping Sean Smart and Moses. Let me ask when I go and blow. Shake hands with the suits. You don’t think that they’ll feel comfy if I walk in with a Jew? Ha! That’s a shalom for my homes. Y’all know how we do it. Kids let us not forget we here to make good music.” That is some very fluid spitting going on right there. In the end, this track is a winner and a memorable way to close out the EP.

**My Two Cents: I like Jermaine Event a lot. He is not afraid to speak his mind and he has a quality style about him. Uncle Tom’s EP was a proficient debut. The lyrical content is fine and the production is top of the line. Due to his directness the project may not appeal to everyone. However, it is strongly encouraged that readers remain nonjudgmental and give Uncle Tom’s EP an ear. -MInM

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