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Klassik – “That Life”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“That Life” (listen/download)

Last time quirky Milwaukee rapper Klassik was featured on the site was at the beginning of the year.  So figured it was about time for another post. He is getting ready to release his debut LP in September. In the name of promotion, Klassik will be leaking a few select singles for free download up until the release date. The first of said singles is entitled, “That Life.” The production here is choice. It contains a level bass, a unique mix of musical elements, a shout, and a nonchalant vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is clean and magnetic. The lyrics are basic and consist of mostly repetition. There is nothing wrong with straight forward approaches to hooks but in this case, a more inventive method should have been used. The verses are hot. Klassik dishes out an attractive flow, canny wordplay, and first-rate rhymes. He constructs a vivid definition of what it means to be “about that life.”

Check it as he spits: “See you ain’t gotta talk no way for you to mind yo P’s and Q’s. And if them n—as try to hate tell them that they ain’t seeing you. And if you got yourself a dream why don’t you gone and see it thru. I been living by that statement since before enjoying the view. Nowadays enjoying the view. More blessings like an amen to the seventh power. Heaven power but watch what Satan do.” Slick work right there by Klassik. He came out the gate swinging. Overall, this track is a banger. The hook isn’t the best but the production and verses are all the way on point. Klassik’s upcoming LP is titled In The Making. There was no specific day given for the release date, so follow Klassik on Twitter to keep up with news and other info regarding the upcoming project.

**My Two Cents: I really liked this track. It has a cool style to it and the verses are really strong. If this is a preview of what In The Making has in store, the album is going to be crazy. Readers can check Klassik out on Facebook too. -MinM

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