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Joey Dee – “Faded” Promo (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Joey Dee)

In between putting together dope videos for his fellow local artists, Joey Dee (Block Rockers / YUS) is also working on his own music. He is getting set to release a new mixtape titled Student Of The Game: Industry Edition. The tape will feature his spin on some of his favorite mainstream tracks. He has shared a couple of cuts already, Among them is his version of “Swimming Pools” by Kendrick Lamar. He renamed the track “Faded” and made it a tale about his adventures with his good friend Hennessy. He reworked the track well. He dished out his signature laid back flow with a set of ill rhymes. Favorite lines include: “I been sipping. I know I said I’d quit. But that heavy weight of this real life got me going through some s–t. So I sit back. Bless the fifth.” That’s some real talk right there. As a promotional item, Joey Dee released a set of visuals for the song as well. Check out the short flick below.


This video was shot and directed by Fat Boy of Fat Boy Status Productions. It was edited by both Fat Boy and Joey Dee for Block Rockers Music Group. The plot for the video is pretty simple. It literally just reflects the theme of the single. So viewers get to witness Joey as he indulges in some Hennessy and they get to see a bit of the impact of said indulgence. There are a few special effects in place too. The most standout being the blurry/tipsy motions that occur every so often. They really help drive home the motif of the single. As a whole, this was a fly promo piece.

**My Two Cents: I like Hennessy and I am a fan of Joey’s music. So I’m digging the tune and the video. I think the visuals were a dead on representation of the song. Fat Boy and Joey did a superior job of putting everything together. Student Of The Game: Industry Edition is supposed to be hitting the net in December. So stay tuned for more details, releases, videos, etc. Readers can get more with Joey Dee by visiting his Sound Cloud. -MinM

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