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Tunde Olaniran – “Brown Boy”

by Miracle

(Photo By I AM PR Agency)

“Brown Boy” (listen/download)

Tunde Olaniran is a budding artist from Flint, MI. His musical style is made up of culture, consciousness, and rhythm. He finds inspiration in everything from Urban music to Jazz and has been described by listeners as an one of a kind individual. He has been placed in the category of Futuristic R&B. Currently he is pushing a brand new single titled “Brown Boy.” The song will be a part of his upcoming project, The Second Transgression.

The production here is premium. It is composed of a vast collection of musical ingredients with a healthy knock, quick eccentric pace, and energetic vibe. The hook is of high quality as well. The delivery has flavor to it and the lyrics stick with the listener. The verses are proper. Tunde serves up a winning blend of singing and spitting. He has an easy going flow, charming vocals, and riveting lyrics. He partakes in some personal reflection in an offbeat yet engaging manner. Striking lines include: “I’m brave enough to know I need to leave them days behind. Cause I could be charred up in a barbecue. But still come out and not be Black enough for you. And then these questions they can really trip me up. Especially when they prove to be real tough. Like can I be a man? Can I not love? Pledge allegiance to the flag with revelation.” Deep sentiments being tossed out by Tunde in those words right there. Overall, this song is a success. It’s something different and for sure creates a certain curiosity about how the rest of the new project will turn out.

**My Two Cents: This was a great track. I love Tunde’s style and the content of his music. The way he mixes R&B and Hip-Hop elements to create thought provoking tunes is awesome. And I like the fact that he is so different. Traditional R&B is fine but we need some folks to shake things up a bit too. Tunde definitely does just that. If readers are feeling Tunde, they can drop him a line and/or follow him on Twitter. -MinM

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