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High Stakes – “Change The Game” (Video)

by Miracle

High Stakes is a very opinionated artist from the Southside of Milwaukee. In addition to being known for speaking his mind n matter what, he is also known for his popular track “Saturday Night.” Recently he dropped a new set of visuals for a song called “Change The Game.” It’s a fair track with tight production and modest content. See how it came to life below.

The visuals were directed by High Stakes himself and shot/edited by Joey D (BlockRockers / YUS). The video basically follows High Stakes throughout various locations in the city as he does his thing. He covers a wide range of areas too, as he travels from residential neighborhoods to the infamous Miller Park. And he does it in style with a whip that has a sick replica of the Scarface logo on the side. Joey D did quite a few things to spruce up the piece on his end too. He played around with the colors like making everything grey and blue in certain scenes. He created some cool sports theme backdrops for a few of High Stakes’ solo shots. And the list goes on. The video concludes with different glimpses of city scenery, advertising, and a little foolery outside of the casino. In the end, this was a sharp project.

**My Two Cents: This song is decent but I really heart the video. I think it was some of Joey D’s best work yet. He captured High Stakes nicely and really went all in on the special effects. And the car with the Scarface logo is boss. Any fan of the movie has to appreciate that. Props to the fellas on delivering such a successful piece. -MinM

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