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Queen SaSSy – “Hoodies N Heels”

by Miracle

(Photo By Center Stage Management, LLC)


Queen SaSSy is a female emcee holding it down for the Mil. Though a girly girl in appearance, she packs a bold personality and tough rhymes. She prides herself on being a diverse talent and on bringing something original to the game. She plans to take her career to soaring heights. With credits like being in the top 10 for Milwaukee artists on Reverb Nation, she is off to a nice start. She held the number one spot for quite some time too. Presently she is pushing her signature single, “Hoodies N Heels.” The song is a likeable ladies’ anthem and is held in high regards by SaSSy’s supporters.

The production here is good. It contains a deep bass, a soulful sample, and a savvy vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is straight forward and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are valid. SaSSy exhibits a distinct flow, adequate wordplay, and commendable rhymes. She does a respectable job of showing off her style and lyrical potential in a fashionable manner. Some lines worth mentioning are: “Might be dismissive if you can’t grant my wishes. Loved by these n—as but hated by they b–ches. My flow is the sickest. Ego the biggest. Got your ear drums talking like who the f–k is this? Did you think I would stop when you said I couldn’t get this? That’s the s–t that made me want to get a deal the quickest.” No non-sense words being spit by Queen SaSSy right there. Overall, this song is entertaining and a fun look for the ladies.

**My Two Cents: I find this track really enjoyable. I like the imagery of hoodies and heels together. Not a look that I rock because I hate heels (lol) but a lot of ladies do look boss when they rock the two simultaneously. And I admire the confidence that SaSSy displays on the track. Reflects her personality well. Although she is also super chill and shows a lot of love to others doing their thing in the Milwaukee music scene. For more with SaSSy check her out on Reverb Nation, Facebook, and Twiitter. -MinM

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Queen SaSSy September 25, 2012 - 1:21 pm

Thank u so much Miracle…I appreciate u Mama!!


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