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$hamrock – “Money Green Intro” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Twitter)

Money Green (iTunes)

Money Green (album review)

It’s been almost a month since $hamrock unleashed his sophomore album Money Green on the Hip-Hop world. The love for the album is still going strong and of course $hamrock is still working hard. He recently blessed fans with a sporadic treat. He dropped a fresh set of visuals for the intro to the LP. Take a look after the break.


This track was produced by Big BOI Beats. The video was jointly directed by Kendrell Watkins & DJ Ritz. The focus of the piece is pretty clear cut. It basically just features $ham handling his business amid a night time city backdrop. The city background is accented by brilliantly crisp colors. Additionally, there is a little Memphis flavor added to the mix. Dancer John Graham shows off his Memphis Jookin skills throughout the flick. Learn more about the Southern dance style here. All in all, this is worth a view or two. It has a very sharp look and captures one’s attention.

**My Two Cents: I am always happy to see a $hamrock video and this one is no different. It was very expertly assembled. Also, this was my first time ever seeing the Memphis Jookin dance style. It’s kind of neat. Money Green is available right now via Best Buy and FYE. Readers may also purchase it via the above iTunes link. So go support and snag a copy. And find $hamrock on the web on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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