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Kal’L Presents: The Love & Loss Saga (Part 4 – “Whisper” Video)

by Miracle

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Love & Loss (listen/download)

Kal’L is moving full speed ahead with The Love & Loss Saga. The series is already at part four of the story. Part four is told via the song, “Whisper.” It is a slow tempo number with a sensual theme to it. A review for the single can be found here. Find out how Kal’L and Elite Film Group gave life to the bedroom worthy number after the break.

As usual, Rich P took up his role behind the camera. He even got in a quick cameo this time around. Kal’L provided the storyline and the directorial aspects. And everyone worked together to make sure the editing was on point. The video picks up right where “Fly Away” left viewers wondering. Kal arrives home to discover a message on his cell. It’s from Adi and it’s not good. She hits the beloved crooner with the ‘me and my boyfriend decided to work it out’ punch. He seems a little disappointed at first but doesn’t stay down for long. He calls up his boys and proceeds to head out for a night on the town. Once the fellas hit the club, Kal’L lays eyes on model / video beauty, Krysta Marie. The two have a drink and an instant attraction ensues from there. Their flirting leads them to a hotel room where they have a little fun. There are also some cool solo shots of Kal’L throughout the piece. The most standout one involves some dope color effects. The video finishes out with a message that the conclusion of the series is coming. All in all, this was a decent effort.

**My Two Cents: I liked this video. It could have been just a tad more grown & sexy but it was a good look. I loved the club setting / scenes. They turned out hot. Also, the color changing technique was pretty clever. And as a whole it captured the theme of the track well and gave it life. Thus doing what a video is meant to do. Looking forward to seeing the finale of the series. It drops this month on the 25th. So be sure to check back. Like Kal’s page on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out. -MinM

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