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Kia Rap Princess & Remedy Da Kure – “Getting To The Money” (Video)

by Miracle

kia 12(Photo By Steve White)

“Getting To The Money” (listen/download)

Kia Rap Princess has found herself with another runaway hit on her hands. Her track “Getting To The Money” which features her partner in crime Remedy Da Kure has taken on a life of it’s own over the last month or so. The record was produced by Blaqlizt producer Marxmill and is a street savvy anthem for sure. The infectious musical components combined with Remedy’s unique style and Kia’s cool breeze approach were destined to make some kind of impact on listeners. The ladies were so amped about the track’s success they they got together with a healthy number of their supporters for a very entertaining video, check it out after the break.

This video was shot by 40Mil (40Mil Productions). It takes place right here in the 414. The subject of the visuals is more or less a look at how Remedy and Kia come together and live it up. The two definitely do their thing while taking over the streets of the downtown area and throwing one serious house party. The vibrant wardrobes, one of a kind accessories, and non-stop energy displayed help take the video to another level. 40 threw in some commendable effects as well. There is some great split screen action and motion tricks going on. The video ends with a light-hearted exchange between Remedy and Kia. As a whole, this was a valuable offering.

**My Two Cents: This video captured the essence of the song to the letter. The ladies certainly showed off their personalities and then some. And 40 added some nice touches in the editing process. Readers can catch up with the talented females here: Remedy On Twitter and KRP On Twitter. Additionally, it should be noted that both ladies will be performing live at Kia’s mixtape release party. It takes place on the 20th of this month at local venue The Uptowner. Get the details here. -MinM

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