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Rustik – “Fall Apart”

by Miracle

Rustiky(Photo By Rustik)

“Fall Apart” (preview)

Rapper Rustik‘s last couple of tunes featured on the site have been on the darker edgier side. However, a little bit ago he released a new track that takes on an entirely different tone. The song is called “Fall Apart.” The production here is appealing. It includes: a steady foundation, light background elements, a medium pace, and an emotional vibe. The hook is engaging. The delivery is versatile and the lyrics are sentimental. With lines like: “They say we put it all together. Just to watch it all fall apart. Well I wish I’d learned from the start. Cause along the way I slipped and fell,” it is hard not to be touched in some way by those words. There is only one verse but it gets the job done. Rustik dishes up an assertive flow, sobering wordplay, and valid rhymes. He goes through the motions of personal reflection in a compelling manner. A couple of notable lines include: (Spoken) “Well I can see you standing right behind me with that knife in yo hand. What’s yo plan? Is you a friend or an enemy? Cause these mixed messages that you be sending me, I will be remembering. But then again … (Rap) I take my negatives with my positives. Take my terribles and they opposites. I ain’t no f–king optimist. I’m a realist. Anything you drop on top of kid, I can deal with it. F–k you if you ain’t feeling it.” That’s some deep expression coming from Rustik right there. In the end, this is a first-rate effort.

**My Two Cents: This song reminds me of Rustik the way I heard him when he was first featured on the site. I love that side of Rustik musically. So this track was a real treat for me. The edgier stuff is okay but there is something just a little bit more inviting about his more composed style. -MinM

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EightyFive April 9, 2013 - 4:50 am


(feels like old school steez is back at it.. loving the emotion of it also…


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