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Pharaoh Mac & DMT – Loyalty & Betrayal (Album Review)

by Miracle

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“Take It Slow” (previous review)

Loyalty & Betrayal (preview/purchase)

Last Summer, readers were put on to a Milwaukee duo by the name of Pharaoh Mac & DMT. Their feature got some pretty positive feedback and they have been making some major moves since that time. They dropped a new album and have been taking over stages left and right. Among said takeovers include opening up for rapper Big Sean not too long ago. And later this week they will be sharing the stage with Cleveland Bad Boy, Machine Gun Kelly. They’ve come pretty far in a short amount of time. So in honor of all of their new accomplishments, figured it was time to take a look at their album Loyalty & Betrayal and hear what all the buzz is about. See what caught the site’s attention after the break.

“Mo Fiya”

The production here is hot. The rhythmic bass, dramatic secondary components, and fierce vibe culminate together nicely. The hook is moderate. The delivery is aggressive and the lyrics are satisfactory. The play on the words is pretty clever. The verses are kosher. The flow is rapid & engaging, the wordplay is keen, and the rhymes are worthwhile. Pharaoh Mac gets hype on the mic, letting it be known that he sees himself as a contender in the game. He spits: “N—a trying to play me for some fool. Do I look like Flavor Flav? Hands down. (…) Cause what more can I say. When I know when I got what it takes. Got a millennium flow. Spit forever in a day. Putting ya life on hold just to hear the people say … mo fiya, mo fiya, mo fiya.” Tough couple of lines right there. Overall, this song is worthy of a spin or two.

“Anymore / We Are Forever”

The production here is good. It is made up of light eccentric musical elements, a mid-tempo pace, and an offbeat vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is clear-cut and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are commendable. Pharaoh Mac serves up a spotless flow, official wordplay, and suitable rhymes. He speaks on a variety of things that frustrate him in life as well as how he tries to rise above them. A couple lines of interest are: “Figuring if you were gonna lie. I might as well too. Since two can play that game. Figuring how could I ever lose. It ended up with me packing, leaving my favorite shoes. My mini mes waking up every morning with no daddy blues.” Striking visual being put forth by Mac. In the end, this is a sound offering.

“Amen” F/ AK Shelz

The production here is strong. It includes: a low steady core, ghostly background vocals, and a somber vibe. The hook is excellent. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are propelling. They provide a hopeful contrast to the darker style beat: “This here for the victory. I’m carrying the torch. The devil is a lie. I’m a tell it to the court. Preaching to the choir. You can tell it to my corpse. When a n—a dead and gone. But by then I should be on,” gotta respect the determination in those lines. The verses are legit. Pharaoh Mac exhibits a distinct flow and fitting rhymes. He shares his thoughts on a collection of different subjects such as the streets, the school systems, etc. He states: “Boys is hawking. Its trouble I see. Them tires is screeching. (…) Living a lie. Can’t you see? Committing these crimes. Poisoning teens. Living a lie. Living a lie. Living a lie. Living a lie. Teachers is tired. Refusing to teach. They wanna retire but can’t compete. Making these ends. Praying they meet.” Powerful sentiments being unveiled in those lines. All in all, this was a choice record and the favorite off of the album.

**My Two Cents: Loyalty & Betrayal is an adequate project. The content is becoming and the production is of premium quality. The duo certainly made sure to make each song standout on it’s own and nothing on the album is similar to anything else that’s out right now. That is always a plus. My only critique would be that Mac add just a little more complexity to his rhymes. It will take him from being a decent rapper to a superior one. As a whole, I’d give Loyalty & Betrayal a 3/5. Readers are encouraged to hit up Band Camp and draw their own conclusions too. Also, readers can catch Pharaoh Mac & DMT by checking them out on Facebook. -MinM

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