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Long time site affiliate B.U. (BlackWorld Music Group) is currently on a mission to make sure that his presence is felt in the music game this year. He has linked up with a band that goes by the name of Table For Four. Additionally, he is planning to release his first full length solo project. At the moment, he is pushing a single simply coined “Rage.” It is produced by Tha Crown (Keepin’ It Mil) with sponsorship from World Class Tattoos.

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Free Sample (listen/download)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word psychopath as: a mentally ill or unstable person; especially a person affected with anti-social personality disorder who engages in deranged behavior. But the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene defines the term as Big Fab of BlackWorld Music Group. He’s earned the reputation via his insane energy and antics during his live performances. And now he has fully embraced the persona and taken it to a whole new level in his debut video for his song entitled “Psycho.” Check out the madness below.

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Free Sample (listen/download)

BlackWorld Music Group is becoming a strong and constantly growing staple within the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. Readers have already gotten a little familiar with member B.U. and some of his production work. BlackWorld is also home to previously featured female rapper Boys Like Britain. Now meet Big Fab. Fab is known for his wild energy, punchlines, and multicultural lyricism. He has been seen around the city tearing up stages with fellow member B.U. and proudly promoting the BlackWorld movement. Earlier in the year, he dropped his debut solo project. The tape is titled Free Sample and it has been warmly received by the public. Let’s dig in and see why Big Fab has been dubbed the “Latin Assassin” of this Hip-Hop game.