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Big Fab – Free Sample (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Reverb Nation)

Free Sample (listen/download)

BlackWorld Music Group is becoming a strong and constantly growing staple within the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. Readers have already gotten a little familiar with member B.U. and some of his production work. BlackWorld is also home to previously featured female rapper Boys Like Britain. Now meet Big Fab. Fab is known for his wild energy, punchlines, and multicultural lyricism. He has been seen around the city tearing up stages with fellow member B.U. and proudly promoting the BlackWorld movement. Earlier in the year, he dropped his debut solo project. The tape is titled Free Sample and it has been warmly received by the public. Let’s dig in and see why Big Fab has been dubbed the “Latin Assassin” of this Hip-Hop game.

“Whistlin’ Away”

This track was produced by B.U. and he did a perfect job.  Sonically, it takes on an old school Jazz or Jive music fused with modern day Hip-Hop type of sound. The horns, bass, and cadence all blend really well together and result in a seriously catchy vibe. The hook is fun too. The delivery is charming and the lyrics are light-hearted. The verses are entertaining. Fab contributes an orderly flow, clever wordplay, and exquisite rhymes. He colorfully highlights a few of his daily adventures and personality traits for the listener. Interesting lines include: “We balling, y’all shooting free throws. And I’m bout my cheddar like Cheetos. So money I’m about mine. Why you think I got a Rolex. It’s about time. A little vodka, little rum, and I’m on cloud nine. Mind ya business and stay out of mine. I’m the new cocaine so you out of line. Some call me crazy but I prefer out of mind.” There is some creative spitting going on in those lines. Overall, this track is a winner and the favorite off of the mixtape.

“Smoke Somethin”

This song was produced by Tha Crown. The production here is good. It’s very subdued, contains a subtle background element, and gives off a calming vibe. Almost has a hint of a Rock feel to it. The hook is solid. The delivery is nice and even. The lyrics are pretty black and white so to speak. The verses are decent. Fab brings a laid-back flow, modest wordplay, and fitting rhymes. He speaks openly about his smoking experiences. Check it as he spits: “Through my head are so many thoughts. Can’t count how many brain cells I’ve lost. Yeah, dog it’s pretty ugly. Now I got f–king munchies. Stumbling, grumbling, I’m so hungry. I don’t know what to do next. No b–ch over, can’t do sex. I’m so bored it’s a nuisance. So I say f–k it and call it a day. I can not really stay awake. I had too much of Mary Jane.” Love the expression in those lyrics. All in all, this was a strong track. The smokers will enjoy it for sure.

“Poppin” F/ Lady

B.U. lent his production expertise to this cut as well. He took things back up a notch. The beat includes an uptempo pace, a slight knock, and a pleasant tone. The hook is adequate. The vocals are fine but could have been a little cleaner. The lyrics are simple but memorable. The verses are quality. Fab serves up a free spirited flow and sufficient rhymes. While his first love may be smoking, he makes it clear that partying runs a close second on his list of his favorite things to do. He divulges: “Looking in the mirror staring like I’m fresh. Got my shades on. My A game on. Got my swag, nah, got my Fab on. Thanks to Zorro my lining looking crispy. Here I go again at the club tipsy. Double shot of Cuervo just hit me. I’m down for another round. Who’s coming with me? I’m okay, I swear. Don’t babysit me. But you baby girl can come frisk me.” Definitely sounds like Fab knows how to live it up. In the end, this track is worth a spin or two. If nothing else, it’s a respectable club record.

“Moment Of Silence”

This is the final track on the album and it is another joint produced by Tha Crown. The production here is exceptional. It is composed of a few eccentric sounds, a heavy hitting bass, and a street vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery seems just slightly off but the lyrics are up to par. The verses are on point. Fab couples a serious flow with intriguing lyrics while exhibiting the more harsher side of his persona. Striking lines include: “I’m so hot the wind asked me for air. And yes I’m an individual that’s rare. When I walk in the room, the b–ches stop then stare. This is the truth when I say it. F–k you I swear. Dirtiest player in the game, Rick Flair. When it comes to war yes sir I’m prepared. Me and Hip-Hop are a pair, beware. Hate on me if you dare. Like hands you’ll get thrown in the air.” Those lines provide a pretty clear warning to stay off Fab’s bad side. Overall, this song is a hit. It could use some minor tweaking but it holds some of the best production and lyrical work of the entire project.

**My Two Cents: Free Sample showcases Big Fab’s individuality pretty well. Also, it has a nice mixture of styles and content. Which I found to be a pleasant surprise. I expected the album to be mostly Hardcore Hip-Hop. As a whole, the project has a lot to offer. Fab isn’t the strongest lyricist ever but he makes up for it with his personality and energy. Plus, he secured some first-rate producers. So I think it all balances out and that people will enjoy the tape. However, the link is provided for readers to make their own final decisions. So hit up Reverb Nation and get your “free sample” now. -MinM

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