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Crackle Kapone F/ C-Lim – “Last Days”

by Miracle

(Photo By Crackle Kapone)

“Last Days” F/ C-Lim (listen/download)

Crackle Kapone is a young emcee working his way up the ranks from North Carolina. His story mirrors that of a lot of people in today’s society. He has been through his fair share of ups and downs in life and uses it all as a learning experience. His musical journey took flight around the age of 16 and has slowly but surely been moving forward ever since. He’s done everything from the common underground practice of open mics to more major events like headlining with fellow NC rapper Petey Pablo. His end goal is to use his talents to make real music for real people.

At the moment, he is gearing up for his upcoming release later this Summer called, Trailer Made. Part of his preparation is the promotion of a new single titled “Last Days.” The production here is tight. It includes a weighty bass line, fierce secondary musical elements, and a sinister vibe. The hook is uncomplicated. The delivery is energetic. The lyrics are cut and dry. The verses are nice. Crackle leads with the first verse and C-Lim closes out with the second. Both artists dished out distinctive flows, fair wordplay, and standard rhymes. The duo do a commendable job of serving up a good old fashioned street anthem. Peep Crackle as he spits: “Hours pass and I hear a knock. Oh s–t, it’s the goddamn cops. They bust the lock. I grab the glock. Try to flee the spot. Their releasing shots. Run, run, run, just a fast as you can. Now hop the fence like a Mexican. Slide underneath the under pen. They got me feeling like a wanted man. All I wanted was to make a grand and provide a plan up out this place.” Crackle painted a vivid set of visuals via great details in those lines. All in all, this song is solid. Fans of gangsta style Hip-Hop will get a kick out of it.

**My Two Cents: I love Crackle’s flow. It  has a very strong presence. Guess it’s a NC thing. This track was decent. Had some cool story-telling elements in it that helped to enhance it. Also, the production was choice. If readers enjoyed the track too, they can hear additional songs, watch videos, read Crackle Kapone’s bio, and more via his website. Trailer Made is scheduled for release on September 10, 2012. So be on the lookout. -MinM

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