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Tha Crown F/ Mista Marcus – “Welcome To My City”

by Miracle
“Welcome To My City” (Stream Here)

One major thing that the recent pandemic has shed some serious light on is politics. All eyes are on governing officials across the globe as we the people are depending on them to make some pretty important decisions regarding our health and safety. Taking a cue from that factor, Milwaukee’s own Tha Crown decided it was time to share his perspective on the Mil-town and it’s various political issues. So he released a single entitled “Welcome To My City.” It features another 414 creative, Mista Marcus. The song is being well received and so we had to make sure that our readers did not miss out.

The production here is auditory perfection. The snazzy bass, suave supporting elements, smooth tempo, and heavy vibe fit flawlessly together. The hook is legit. The delivery is gripping and the lyrics are direct. The verses are thought provoking. Tha Crown takes on the first half of the record and Mista Marcus takes on the second half. Both rappers come with earnest flows, fitting wordplay, and stirring rhymes. They do an excellent job of laying out the issues that burden the place that they call home. An excerpt from Tha Crown includes: “My city is vibrant but they try and gentrify it. Kick out the residents and move in all these rich clients. Now that’s that part that they don’t wanna talk about. Building on the backs of these poor people then toss ’em out.” One can not deny the powerful sentiment being reflected within those bars right there. Overall, this is a very honorable offering.

**My Two Cents: Politics are a tricky subject as they can be very controversial. So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from “Welcome To My City.” But I was pleasantly surprised. Tha Crown and Mista Marcus kept it very real and raw but in a tasteful manner. Thus I can see why their message is being embraced. Plus, it’s packaged greatly. The instrumental slays. The duo is on point with their executions as well as their pens. I highly suggest that readers don’t sleep on this collab and ask that if they are feeling it that they share, share, share. We need to get purposeful tracks like this out there just like we do other tunes. -MinM

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