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Bando – Long Nights Early Mornings (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle
Long Nights Early Mornings (Stream Here)

Long time site affiliate DJ Trill Will checked in with the site recently. He’s got a lot of great ventures under his belt and he wanted to make sure that the people didn’t miss out on anything. One of said ventures is a brand new mixtape that just dropped by 414 talent Bando. The tape is labeled Long Nights Early Mornings and it contains a total of 12 tracks. Bando gives us serious melodic rapper swag (Rod Wave) but it’s a dope sound. Continue reading to see how his new project sits with The Illixer.

“Long Nights Early Mornings”

This track kicks off with a few words of wisdom from the infamous DJ Trill Will himself. The intro plays nicely into the nature of the tune. The production here is golden. The fluid bass, graceful instrumentation, laid back tempo, and cruising vibe work favorably together. The hook is a gem too. The vocals are soulful and the lyrics are relatable. The verses are solid. Bando executes a passionate delivery with hood savvy wordplay and personalized rhymes. He gives an open and gritty account of the trials & tribulations that come with the hustle. He shares: “I gotta hustle by myself cause they ain’t real enough. Can’t tell who real or fake no more. I don’t know who to trust. They love to see when you struggle so I ain’t giving up. We live a cold life. Can’t trust ya homies. For the right price they whack they own kin.” One can not deny that those lines right there hit deeply. Overall, this is a great representation of what the title track of a project should be.

“Patiently Waiting”

The production here is likable. The clean foundation, light supporting details, casual rhythm, and soothing vibe go hand in hand. The hook is official too. The vocals are quality and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are legit. Bando gives a consistent delivery with heartfelt wordplay and motivational rhymes. He captures the essence of what it’s like waiting for hard work and sacrifice to finally pay off in an ideal manner. A snippet from his experience includes: “Most people ain’t got no loyalty f–king up the game. Spitting nothing but facts. Make ’em notice me. I’m a make a change. I tell the shit how it’s supposed to be. F–k trying to make a name.” Gotta appreciate the realness that’s pouring from those bars. As a whole, this is a winning number as well as a site favorite.

“My Past”

This is the final song on the project. The production here is nice. The subtle infrastructure, reserved musical ingredients, median pace, and rich vibe make for a complimentary pairing. The hook is sufficient. The vocals are just right and the lyrics are transparent. The verses are satisfactory. Bando utilizes a conversational style delivery with polished wordplay and revealing rhymes. He speaks candidly to the listener about where he’s been and the lessons that he’s learned along the way. A highlight from his story is as follows: “I done seen them cold cell nights before. Ain’t trying to see another. Still that young n—a that you use to see by vacant houses. Them same joggers on with that coat. That was my favorite outfit. I did this s–t for better days. I always seen an outlet. Ain’t know I had this talent in me. Now I’m really ’bout it. I had story to be told but I wasn’t focused yet.” One has to respect that way that Bando is putting himself out there with no frills. That is certainly not an easy thing to do in today’s judgemental society. All in all, this is a gripping way to conclude the project.

**My Two Cents: Bando is a breath of fresh air to me. He has an unique sound and his content is such that the everyday person will be able to feel where he is coming from. It’s not all overly glorified hood ish, sensationalized rich antics, redundant sexual topics, etc. Long Nights Early Mornings is a concrete tape. I feel that Bando could’ve experimented a little more with different types of beats and slightly challenged his pen. But overall I am not mad at the project and I believe readers will dig it too. So go ahead and press that streaming link for the one time. -MinM

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