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King Cezar F/ Trap-A-Holics – “Stunna”

by Miracle
“Stunna” (Stream Here)

King Cezar is back again with more new music. This time around he decided to shake things up a bit by teaming up with a major name in the Hip-Hop world. He joined forces with the infamous DJ Trap-A-Holics (Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, T.I., etc) and the result is a blazing single entitled “Stunna.”

The production here is of an A1 quality. The bass is hitting, the musical ingredients are saucy, the tempo is catchy, and the vibe is lit. The hook is nice too. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are well put together. The verses are short but they still pack some heat. King Cezar crushes the mic with a colorful flow, flashy wordplay, and premium rhymes. The listener can just feel that he is truly in his zone with lines like: “And that be the reason I roll with the creatures. I heard that them n—as be eating. Up in this booth I be picking my teeth. Man I chew on a beat like I’m teething. Leave out and f–k on diva. That b—h look like Trina. She f–k like a All Star. Pull up with nothing but jackers & schemers. I mean it my n—a we ball hard.” That is a beasty way to conclude the track right there. Overall, this is a brilliant showing from the 414 talent.

**My Two Cents: You can’t slouch when you throw yourself into the mix with industry names and KIng Cezar definitely stands tall on this record so to speak. The production seems like it’s made for him and he just got off on the content tip. Nothing too much really needs to be said. I’m here for this and I know for a fact that readers will be too. So go ahead and hit that streaming link. Also, be sure to check out the link at the beginning of the post. Rumor has it that King Cezar has something up his sleeve for next month that his supporters do not want to miss. But you didn’t hear that from me. -MinM

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