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Tr3y – “Essential AF” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

One of our favorite crooners, Tr3y decided to join the rest of the creatives in flexing their talents during the pandemic. He managed to take things to a new level though by putting an R&B twist on a few of the recurring themes of the crisis. The result is a song/video dubbed “Essential AF.”

The production here is smooth. The gentle base, polished secondary details, tempo, and relaxing vibe provide instant gratification. The hook is likable. The vocals are on point and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are creative. Tr3y continues with with quality harmonies and then he raises the bar with flirty inventive lyrics. He takes all of the inconveniences of the pandemic and turns them into a romantic call to action for his lady. How can one not be persuaded with lines like: “Put a mask on and I’m on the way. And I got gloves so baby girl what you say? And you can sanitize when I’m out the door. Just hit me up when you want some more.” That’s a pretty brilliant approach to spitting game during the pandemic. And it follows all of the safety guidelines (lol). All in all, this is a slick record.

The video comes courtesy of Prime Time Visuals (Armonie Man). Due to the fact that the world is under some pretty strict safety/health guidelines, the concept for the piece is pretty simple. The viewer is privy to Tr3y posted up doing his thing surrounded by the more scenic sights of the city. Everything looks bright and the camera work is very clean. The fellas definitely made the best of the circumstances. Overall, this is a suitable video.

**My Two Cents: I love how Tr3y took things outside of the box on this one. Any positive alternative ways to looking at this whole pandemic mess are much needed and refreshing. Plus, I am an essential worker. So the nod is very much so appreciated. I wish there was opportunity to do a little bit more with the video but that was beyond the fellas’ control. So no real complaints here. Go ahead and click that play button. “Essential AF” is on it’s way to your favorite streaming sites. So be sure to keep an eye on that link at the start of the post so that you can add it to your Rona playlists. -MinM

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