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Cardiac Da Pulse – “Right Time”

by Miracle
“Right Time” (Stream Here)

Cardiac Da Pulse has officially joined the race of artists dropping new music during this time of the rona. He released a single entitled “Right Time” not too long ago and it’s been make a little bit of noise. The track is produced by Petrofsky Beats and it is set to appear on his upcoming EP, Summer On Sunset. Keep reading for more details on the selection.

The production here is refreshing. The quiet bass, light musical components, mellow rhythm, and chill vibe make for an attractive mixing. The hook is kosher. The delivery is upbeat and the lyrics are easy to remember. The verses are engaging. Cardiac Da Pulse takes on a familiar style flow, forward wordplay, and detail oriented rhymes. He brings the listener into a playful/flirty scenario between him and a special lady. A highlight from which includes: “She looked at me like where you been? What’s new, what it do? N—a where yo friend? Used to chop it up with ya partner and ’em. You ain’t f–king with a b—h no more. I see how you do. I’m just playing. I’m just saying where you been at?” That’s a cute as well as pretty accurate representation of a female teasing a guy she’s feeling. Overall, this is a notable track and perfect for the upcoming nice weather season.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoy “Right Time.” It’s one of those no pressure joints that you just throw on and kick back with. I feel that the artwork (King Myles) illustrates the record’s intent well. If the world was open back up, it would be cool to see like a beach themed video for this tune. At any rate, readers should go ahead and give the single a whirl. Keep those eyes & ears peeled for that Summer On Sunset project too. -MinM

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