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Music Quickies: MeloDroppin30

by Miracle
MeloDroppin30 (Shop Here)

With musical creatives being cooped up due the current virus situation, there seems to be a higher demand for fresh beats/instrumentals. And Milwaukee producer Melo Carver aka MeloDroppin30 just so happened to open up a brand new beat store a couple of days ago.

If the name looks familiar, it’s because he’s part of the imprint behind “Fast Cash Babies” (Lil Chicken) and has done some work with rising rapper Big Wan as well. If artists are looking for industry quality beats at a reasonable rate, they really can’t go wrong with Melo. He’s even offering producer kits too. I personally would love to hear someone snatch up the “Covid 19” joint that’s featured and go crazy. Click that link and explore the inventory for yourselves though. Also, be sure to spread the word. Don’t wait until those Grammy noms and such start rolling in to show love. -MinM

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