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King Cezar – “Quality Control”

by Miracle
“Quality Control” (Listen Here)

The site hasn’t checked in with long time affiliate King Cezar in quite a while. Like most creatives, he’s been using his recent stay at home time to generate some tunes for his faithful supporters to enjoy. He personally delivered one to The Illixer that demonstrates what transpires when the 414 king feels disrespected.

The single is called “Quality Control.” The production here has a classic feel to it. The deep bass, graceful secondary components, fluid tempo, and crucial vibe fit effortlessly together. There is no hook on this cut. Due to the pacing and structure of the record, that’s not a bad thing. The extended bars are dope. King Cezar goes in with his signature flow, savvy wordplay, and outspoken rhymes. He goes straight for the kill with lines like: “Peace to my enemies. Looking in the mirror lately, I see a better me. My natural response, f–k ’em all. Hit the family. We don’t do B&E’s. I put yo life on skis. I ain’t got no time for no n-gga can’t pay the fee. I am not allowed to play games. B—h I’m major league.” One can not deny that those lines right there make for a heavy hitting opener. All in all, this is an attention grabbing effort.

**My Two Cents: This warning shot is aimed at local publication Breaking & Entering. After a sudden slack in support and a lack of communication from the outlet, King Cezar decided to take them to task by airing his frustrations out in the booth. Ironically, the outlet finally acknowledged him today by posting the track only to take their post right back down after realizing that they were the target. The issues were still never addressed. Kind of suspect. As journalists/bloggers we have to operate with a certain level of integrity as well as show respect for artists and their craft. If it wasn’t for artists, we wouldn’t have a reason to exist. Just some food for thought. Cez kills this track on a technical note. So many quotables, his pen was just on fire. Looking forward to keeping up with him for the rest of 2020. -MinM

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