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Weeze – Way Of Weeze (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Way Of Weeze (listen/download)

Weeze is a flourishing talent holding it down for Muskego, WI. He took to Rap and Hip-Hop at an early age and started off remixing some of his favorite tracks. Once he got established at it and people started to notice, he began to work on crafting his own original music. He dropped his debut mixtape last year and has been steadily moving forward ever since. His goal is to ultimately take his talents straight to the top. Last month, he dropped a brand new project called Way Of Weeze. And as an affiliate of previously featured artist Cinco, he decided to share it with the site. The tape is made up of: 17 songs, a diverse set of guest appearances, and a healthy number of producers. Check the jump for a few of the cuts that stood out the most after a listen or two.

“Pimp” F/ Cinco

This track was produced by Cavi. The production here is hot. It contains a hip rhythmic bass, upbeat tempo,  and a boss vibe. The hook is fair. It is basically just a set of vocals that repeat the song title via a shout. The verses are great. Weeze steps up for the first verse and Cinco falls in line for the second. Each artist presents his own one of a kind flow, deft wordplay, and fine rhymes. They show off their smoother sides while at the same time demonstrating their lyrical skills. Some key lines from Weeze include: “But the one you counted out is the one that you want to join. Tell me dude how’s it feel locked outside the party? It’s early in the morning but we bout to get it started. It’s evident that I’m the s–t. We pop it til’ we out of it. B–ches on top of it until they swallow all of it.” Those are some slick lines right there. Overall, this song is worth checking out. It has a catchy beat and theme.

“Lock You Down” F/ Jordan James

The producer this time around is an individual named Niuq Stana. The production here is respectable. The light musical instrumentation layered with the weighted foundation and medium pace sounds really attractive. The hook is pleasant too. The vocals have a quality harmony and the lyrics are standard. The verses are on point. Weeze exhibits a charismatic flow, creative wordplay, and high-grade rhymes. He does a commendable job of sharing his affections as they relate to a special lady. Worthwhile lines include: “Take you higher then the ceiling. A little sexual healing. Give me yo heart or I’m a steal it. Love’s a drug, I’ll be your dealer. Got me feeling like I’m fishing. Your the champion I’m reeling. And I’ll never get enough because you set the place on fire. But you heard that s–t before so you may think that I’m a liar. But I’m not. For real though. You got that s–t to kill for.” That is some trendy spitting going on. In the end, this is a hit song and a favorite off of the tape.

“Outta My Business”

The inventive soul behind this production is Dutch Boy. The production here is dope. It is comprised of low hard hitting components and a sinister vibe. The hook is strong. The delivery is unique and the lyrics are infectious. The verses are up to par. Weeze brings a confident flow and gratifying rhymes. He unleashes his no non-sense trait which is a contrast to his typically chill ladies’ man persona. Observe as he verbalizes: “Started out ain’t nobody know. Now I pass and they be looking like … oh damn. By myself call it iso, And I drove the lane and laid up right in yo hoe. Yeah that’s just something you should recognize. You can see if from afar but you can’t come inside. You hear the hype building up to a mile high. You looking up at me and wondering what it’s really like.” Weeze is definitely feeling some kind of way in those lines. Overall, this is another successful track and favorite.

**My Two Cents: Weeze is a fresh artist. He has a distinct flow and a sufficient lyrical game. I enjoy his style. With that in mind, Way Of Weeze is a legit project. It offers a nice range sonically and the content is engaging. I think Hip-Hop fans will get a real kick out of it. Only way to see if I’m right though is to listen for yourself. So open those ears and hit up that link! If interested, readers can find Weeze on the web via Twitter. -MinM

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