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Jodeci – “Lately” (Kal’L Cover Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)

At the end of the last post featuring Kal’L, it was promised that one of his cover videos would be shared with readers. So what better video to share than one that was requested by the site’s editor? Not sharing just for that reason though. It’s a dope number and it includes a surprise element that hasn’t been used before in his other covers.


The Acapella Files is a series that Kal’L started to satisfy the requests of his fans for some live music. Also, he wanted his supporters from outside of the Wisconsin area and those unable to attend his shows to get the chance to see him do his thing. The first volume in the series kicked off in July with “All Her Love” by Donell Jones. He has done a few more since that time and they can all be viewed over at his YouTube Channel. By the end of the series there will be 13 total volumes. The most recent cover makes for volume number five. The song performed is “Lately” by legendary controversial R&B group Jodeci. Insert quick history lesson here. Jodeci was not the original R&B act to perform the song though. It was actually the iconic Mr. Stevie Wonder. He released the track back in the 1980’s on his album Hotter Than July. Jodeci redid it for a live music album that was released in 1993 called Uptown MTV Unplugged.

It goes without saying that the slow tempo classic is not an easy one to take on. The notes and everything have to be just right or it sounds like a complete mess. And no one can quite compare to the versions done by Stevie and Jodeci. However, Kal’L managed to do it justice. His vocals were clean and he captured the emotion of the song well. Plus, he added his own flavor to it. Which is always a good thing when doing someone else’s music because it makes one stand out. The surprise instrument was an unexpected but premium touch too. All in all, this is one of his best covers yet.

**My Two Cents: Kal gave me a lot of grief about picking this song because it is so hard (lol). But he did his thing. All of the practice and time really paid off. So major thanks to the R&B crooner for enduring the headache and performing the request! If readers want more with Kal’L they can visit his website. Also, he has a lot of things in store for the next few months. Like more collaborations and he mentioned something about an EP. Readers will just have to stay tuned to the site to find out additional details. -MinM

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