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$hamrock aka Yung Irish – Money Green (Album Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By $hamrock)

“Money Callin” (Previous Review)

After a lengthy campaign and much excitement, $hamrock finally dropped his sophomore album Money Green on Wyte Music Records. The big day took place this past Tuesday (9/4). The project was released to a healthy heap of love from fans and ended up charting on iTunes. It consists of: 14 total tracks, dynamic producers like Big BOI Beats, and high profile guest appearances by artists such as Frayser Boy. So did Yung Irish avoid the dreaded “sophomore jinx” and hit a home run for the second time in his career? Find out after the break.

“Real With You” F/ Amber Cheri

This track was inspired by $hamrock’s desire to incorporate a few more female friendly tracks into his music. He wanted to expand his content while looking out for his female fans at the same time. And he did a great job. The production here is premium. The hushed weighted bass and fierce musical ingredients create a solemn vibe. The hook is stellar. Amber has well suited vocals and her lyrics are relatable. The verses are exceptional. $hamrock brings a cultivated flow, practical wordplay, and A-1 rhymes. He does a compelling job of venting about his frustrations with a romantic relationship. Some highlight lines include: “I’m a go getter. You knew that bout me. If I tell you something then why you doubt me? You know I’m gone with these crazy hours. You crunk as hell with that screaming and shouting. Told you many times before. I don’t get down like that no more. You the only one that I adore. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m trying for. If you can’t see what you mean to me. You the only one I’m with tween the sheets. Only one that get to see the beast. Can I get one day you ain’t mean at least?” Sounds pretty hectic, right? Overall, this song is a success and something the ladies are very likely to appreciate.


This song served as a second leak during the Money Green campaign. Fans took to it instantly as it showed off a very gutter side to $ham which is a rare occurrence. The production here is hot. It entails a dramatic foundation, subtle background components, and a hardcore vibe. The hook is infectious. The delivery is raw and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are ace. $hamrock exhibits an energetic flow, aggressive wordplay, and honest rhymes. He opens up about his life before the fame, painting a gritty tale with his words. Some lines of interest are: “2/11 cans strewn about. Cd cases became ash trays. Long nights all I do is write. Move up packs for the next day. Throwing up for that zone six. Notebooks full up with ink. Mind racing with future thoughts. My team moving we all in sync. No sleep. (…) He ain’t slept in about two days. Lil Zach hit me on the phone. We spitting rhymes going off the dome.” Deep and descriptive imagery going on in those lines. All in all, this track is a banger and a favorite off of the LP.

“Like Magic” F/ Amber Cheri, Miscellaneous, & Luney Tunez

This track is not only a fan favorite but seems to be the top pick among the powers that be over at Wyte Music Records and Select-O-Hits as well. So maybe all of the fondness will produce a set of visuals? That would be a neat idea. Time will tell. The production here is pleasing. It takes on a lighter tone than the previous tracks, has a magnetic rhythm, and oozes club appeal. The hook is fun and flirty. Amber has carefree vocals and the lyrics are playful. The verses are well executed. Yung Irish sets things in motion, followed by Miscellaneous, and then Luney Tunez. All three gentlemen come with smooth flows and rhymes that could entice any girl to do a little “magic” for them. Check it as $ham spits: “You say you put it down like magic, huh? And I believe it though. You bout bad as f–k. And when you put it like that can’t pass it up. Oh it’s on me? That’s whats up. I wanna see you freak it. It’s a secret between you and me. I promise I can keep it. Pretend my living room Magic City. You Miss Thing and you the baddest in it.” Those are some intriguing lines right there. In the end, this song is a winner and well deserving of all the praise.

“Phone Call” F/ Frayser Boy

The production here returns the heavy hitting side of things. It’s a dope number with a hard knock, moderate pace, and ominous vibe. The hook is adequate. The delivery is clean cut and the lyrics are simple yet memorable. The verses are engaging. Yung Irish blesses the first verse and Frayser Boy handles his business on the second. The duo each dish out unique flows and telling rhymes. They share hood stories surrounding the theme of getting that certain type of call that everyone dreads. Striking lines from $ham include: “I slowed down with that crazy s–t. Cause I spit and I make that crazy grip. But all my homies don’t do music. They still hustle and try to make it flip. Got homies out in California raking bales of that marijuana. Got homies back in ATL who make a killing off Molly pills. I pray to God that they finally chill. Cause I know inside that’s God’s will. But I can’t knock it. Everybody want them fat pockets full of dollar bills.” Gotta respect $ham’s unhindered thoughts here. Overall, this song is a hit and another favorite.

**My Two Cents: Money Green is a four-star album. $hamrock has shown a vast amount of growth in a short amount of time. In just over a year, he has further developed his flow, stepped his lyrical game up, and got tighter with selecting production. One has to respect that in an artist. Also, the personal touch on this project is very evident. $ham really lets listeners into his world by sharing vivid details/stories from his past and current life. Which amplifies his already down to earth persona. The only drawback is that the project is a bit collaboration burdened. The partnering all turned out wonderfully. It just would have been nice to hear a few more solo cuts from Yung Irish. As a whole though, Money Green is a must listen for fans of hood style Hip-Hop and Wyte Music supporters alike. So head on over to Best Buy, FYE, iTunes, or the Wyte Music Store and snag your copy asap! The Wyte Music Store offers exclusive bundle deals. And $ham has a special treat for fans who purchase the hard copy of the album. Check it out here. -MinM

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