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$hamrock F/ Jelly Roll – “Money Callin” (Produced By Luney Tunez-N-Yo Area)

by Miracle

(Photo By $hamrock)

“Money Callin” F/ Jelly Roll

$hamrock aka Yung Irish finally put his fans out of their misery and leaked a track from his upcoming album. The album is titled Money Green and it will be his second release on Wyte Music Records. For the leak he selected a Luney Tunez produced collaboration he did with infamous Southern rapper Jelly Roll. The production here is top notch. The mid-tempo pace, low key musical elements, and savvy tone blend together perfectly. The hook is of prime quality. The delivery is likable. The lyrics are fetching. The verses are first-class. Jelly Roll holds it down on the first verse and $ham knocks it out the park on the second. The duo serve up distinguishing flows, expert wordplay, and great rhymes. Both artists put their full personality on display for the listener in a colorful manner. Peep $hamrock as he spits: “I gots to get it. My money mission in full effect. No dummy mission. My lane is paved in wyte bricks. And I Mike Vick my competition. You’ll probably find me in the kitchen bub. Using DJ Paul new spice rub. I’m top chef, sipping top shelf. That shelf life got me hot to death. See where I’m from they pack gats killa. And all they worried bout is stacking scrilla.” Fly spitting from $ham in those lines. A pretty accurate portrayal too for those that know the beloved emcee well. Overall, this song is a hit and was a pleasing pick for the first leak. Money Green is due out on $eptember 4, 2012. Keep up with $ham on Facebook and Twitter for any updates, changes, news, etc.

**My Two Cents: I was super excited to find out that $ham was finally sharing a track with his fans. This song does not disappoint either. Him and Jelly Roll made for a cool team. And of course Luney Tunez killed it on the production tip. Can’t wait until $eptember. I know for a fact that the album is well worth the wait. -MinM

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