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L.E.P Bogus Boys – “Benjamin Franklin”

by Miracle

(Photo By DJ Poizon Ivy)

“Benjamin Franklin” (listen)

It has been a while since the L.E.P Bogus Boys have been featured on the site. So figured it was time to show some love to the Chicago natives. The duo just released a new hood club banger called “Benjamin Franklin” and it goes pretty hard. This track was produced by Jahlil Beats. The production here is exceptional. The heavy hitting bass line, intense background components, and intense rhythm all come together to create a street tone. The hook is decent. The delivery is clean cut. The lyrics leave an impression. The verses are tight. Both rappers came with aggressive flows, astute wordplay, and efficient rhymes. They do a compelling job of demonstrating two individuals who are making some major moves. Prominent lines include: “Let these n—as breathe. They won’t get a chance to. Cause every night one of they women getting ran through. Every day I’m pulling up in something crispy on ’em. Foreign whip, the license plate that say “you miss me” on ’em. So she with her friends doing all this name dropping. It ain’t a thing, she just do it cause my name popping. Too bad you ain’t going through the same problems. Y’all in the club drinking out the same bottle.” That’s a very boss image being expressed right there. Overall, this song is a winner. The L.E.P Bogus Boys are definitely still holding it down for the Chi.

**My Two Cents: This track was on point. The beat is an attention getter and the lyrics have a nice little style to them. If readers agree, they can get more with the L.E.P Bogus Boys via their website. And much love to Milwaukee’s own DJ Poizon Ivy for sending over the track. Readers can find her online too. Be sure to check her out, she’s good people. -MinM

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