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photo(Photo By Too Dope Chicks)

K’ Valentines Day (listen/download)

Too Dope Chicks is a fresh  communication, event execution, and lifestyle boutique agency ran by previously featured entertainment entrepreneur Poizon Ivy and her partner Leah. Readers can learn more about the ladies and what they do by visiting the official Facebook Page of the company. Over the past week or so, the ladies have shared various content from their vast array of clientele. One of said individuals is a female rapper by the name of K’ Valentine. K’ Valentine is holding it down for Chicago and has always been drawn to artistic/creative things. She became a fan of Hip-Hop at a young age but got her start by immersing herself in poetry. After receiving high accolades (after all not everyone can say that they got the seal of approval from literary icon Maya Angelou) and growing within the art form, she finally decided to make the progression into rhyming. In 2011, she released her debut project Breakfast At Tiffany’s, which served as a personal introduction of sorts to the blossoming female rapper. Her music is a source of innovative flow and style to her fans but is more of a form of therapy for K’ Valentine herself.



(Photos By DJ Poizon Ivy)

**Note: That’s My DJ is a new segment that will shine some light on the people behind the turntables. DJs are a key part of the Hip-Hop culture and don’t get as much spotlight as they deserve. Whether its a major event or your favorite rapper’s mixtape, the DJ works hard to entertain the masses and provide support to artists. Now it’s time to return the love.

Just like with any aspect of Hip-Hop, the DJ world is a male dominated one. However, there some very talented ladies that can rock the tables with the best of them. Amongst said group is DJ Poizon Ivy aka Poizon Ivy The DJ (OSAT Music International / Too Dope Chicks). The Illixer came across Ivy prior to the site’s inception via one of her infamous meet & greet events at Marquette University. This particular event happened to be with Atlanta rapper B.o.B. The smooth flow of the affair and it’s overall success made a great first impression. It also made it known that Ivy was one to watch. Progressing from elite event planner to highly sought after DJ, she has left no shortage of things for her supporters to keep up with. Find out how she got her start and more after the jump.